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Roads, Schools Closed In Israel’s North And Jerusalem As Winter Storm Hits


Jerusalem — The main roads were closed into Jerusalem as the worst storm of the year gathered strength.

‘You’d Think There Was A War Brewing’

Stocking up on flashlights and generators, Jerusalemites brace for a rare winter storm.

Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — Tuesdays are ordinarily quiet at the Osher Ad supermarket in south Jerusalem, but forecasters’ predictions that the city would receive up to several inches of snow by Thursday and more over the weekend set off a midweek shopping frenzy.

Jerusalem residents worried about snow crowded the Osher Ad supermarket in south Jerusalem. Michele Chabin/JW

Ringleader In Killings Of 3 Israeli Teens Sentenced To 3 Life Terms


Jerusalem — The leader of the terrorist cell who kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers in June was sentenced to three life sentences.

U.S. Congress Members Warn Of Repercussions For Palestinian ICC Move


Washington — Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Congress said there would be repercussions for the Palestinian Authority in the wake of its joining the International Criminal Court.

Abbas Signs Treaty, Threatening Israel With War Crimes Charges


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed an international treaty that will allow the investigation of Israel for war crimes at the International Criminal Court.

U.N. Security Council Fails To Pass Palestinian Statehood Resolution


A Palestinian-backed U.N. Security Council resolution setting a deadline for a peace deal with Israel failed to garner sufficient votes for passage.

Affiliates Of Elite Jerusalem High School Turn Their Backs On Military Service


Tel Aviv — The Israel Defense Forces oppresses people, the letter said. The army creates inequality, perpetuates injustice and corrupts social values.

‘Disarray On The Right’

As election season picks up steam, scandal and infighting gripping Likud, Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu.

Israel Correspondent

Tel Aviv —  For most of the last decade, politicians on Israel’s center-left have been handicapped at the ballot box by infighting and party fragmentation.

Both Likud, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, left, and Yisrael Beiteinu headed by Avigdor Lieberman, right, are struggling. Getty Imag

Hamas Prevents Orphans From Entering Israel For Coordinated Visit


Jerusalem — Hamas prevented 37 Palestinian children orphaned in Israel’s summer operation in Gaza from entering Israel for a visit coordinated by the country’s Kibbutz Movement.

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