Nazi-Looted Art Found In Munich Now Online


BERLIN  — German authorities have bowed to international pressure and are publishing a partial list of artworks found in a Munich apartment.

Israeli Teams At Work In Phillipines

Storm-battered nation grateful for medical and rescue work; Jewish fundraising reaches $1 million.

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After landing at the Phillipines' Cebu-Mactan Airport in an El Al plane, an Israeli team of some 200 medical and rescue personnel immediately set up an emergency hospital and began surveying the damage from Typhoon Haiyan from the air.

Israeli medical and rescue teams leave an El Al plane at Cebu Mactan Airport. Photo courtesy government of Israel

Brazilian Actress Apologizes For Remarks About Jews


The popular Brazilian actress Tata Werneck apologized for comments she made about Jews on a national talk show.

Werneck said in a statement about her remarks on “Love & Sex” that she was “deeply troubled” by the reaction she has stirred in the Jewish community, Yahoo! Entertainment reported Tuesday.

Muslim Leaders To Join Austrian Jews At Kristallnacht Event

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As it commemorates the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the state-sponsored attacks against German Jews and their property, the Austrian Jewish community will for the first time observe the event with the leadership of the country’s Muslim community.

Rabbi Marc Schneier, spiritual leader of The Hampton Synagogue who was invited to attend the event with Imam Shamsi Ali of Manhattan, praised the Austrian Jewish community for “setting an example for all Europe by reaching out to its Muslim neighbors.”

eBay Apologizes For Sale Of Holocaust Items


The online auction website eBay apologized for allowing Holocaust memorabilia to be sold under its auspices.

Tunisian Players Barred From Tennis Tournament Over Israel Snub


Tunisia's tennis team was barred from competing in  the prestigious international Davis Cup tournament for a year because the northern African nation prevented one of its players from competing against an Israeli last month.

Toronto Holocaust Survivors Die In Apparent Suicides


An octogenarian couple — both Jewish Holocaust survivors — killed themselves in Toronto in an apparent suicide pact.

Police are treating the deaths of Vladimir Fiser, 89, and Marika Ferber, 84, as a double suicide. Their bodies were found Tuesday at the base of their apartment building. They are believed to have jumped to their deaths from the balcony of their 18th-floor apartment.

Remains Of Gestapo Leader Apparently In Jewish Cemetery


The remains of a high-ranking Gestapo whose burial place was unknown since World War II have apparently turned up in a Jewish cemetery in Berlin, according to der Spiegel.

Toronto Transit: Yes On Pro-Israel Ads, No On Anti-Israel

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The Toronto Transit System on Monday rejected four advertisements, sponsored by the Montreal-based Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East and depicting Palestinians’ “loss of land” at the hands of Israel, as “inaccurate and misleading,” according to JTA.

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