Chasidim Return To Israel From A Chaotic Pilgrimage To Uman


Thousands of Jewish pilgrims are leaving Ukraine, where their weeklong stay in Uman resulted in a fire, power shortages, a sewage flood and several arrests.

In one incident, three Israeli police officers who were sent to Uman to help police there reportedly scuffled last week with locals while off duty. An estimated 26,000 Jewish pilgrims congregate every year ahead of the Jewish New Year near the gravesite of Rabbi Nachman, founder of the Breslov hasidic movement.

Chasidim pray in Uman during 2010 pilgrimage. Getty Images

Jews Urge Action On Syria As ‘Moral Imperative’

Groups line up behind Obama as they look toward Iran.


Tel Aviv — Congress must support President Barack Obama’s call for a limited military attack on Syria if Obama’s pledge to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear nation is to be believed.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey, Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Getty Images

Israel And U.S. Conduct Joint Missile Test In Mediterranean


Israel and the United States carried out a joint missile test in the Mediterranean Sea, Israel’s Defense Ministry said.

Russia raised an alarm on Tuesday morning after it detected the unannounced missile launch.

Leaked Report: U.S. Has Counterintelligence Operations Against Israel

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The United States works actively to thwart spying by Israel on the U.S., just as it does against enemies like Iran, China, Russia and Cuba, according to a secret report published by the Washington Post on Thursday.

In A First, A Royal Will Attend Chief Rabbi's Installation

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Prince Charles will attend the installation of the United Kingdom’s new chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, the first time a royal has been present at such an occasion, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

Iron Dome Deployed In Tel Aviv As U.S. Moves Closer To Syria Strike


The Israeli army has deployed the Iron Dome rocket interception system around Tel Aviv in preparation for a possible strike by Syria.

Israeli Architects Defend Mall Plan At Serbia Concentration Camp Site


An Israeli architectural firm defended its involvement in the planned construction of a shopping mall on a former concentration camp for Jews in Serbia.

Jewish School In Gondar Closes As Ethiopian Aliyah Nears End


Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky turned over the keys to the Jewish school of Gondar to the Ethiopian city’s mayor.

Pick Your Poison

Wiesenthal Center calls for Hitler booze boycott.

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L’chaim it ain’t.

Pick your poison. Photo courtesy Simon Wiesenthal Center

End Of The Line In Gondar

As the Jewish community ends its program in Ethiopia, sadness and hope.

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On Aug. 28, the Jewish Agency for Israel will sponsor the final mass immigration flight of Ethiopians Jews to Israel. The operation will end a multi-decade initiative that has brought more than 100,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

An Ethiopian women gets clearance to immigrate to Israel. Robyn Spector
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