Bloomberg Awarded Inaugural Genesis Prize


(JTA) — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be the first recipient of the $1 million Genesis Prize, which is being called the “Jewish Nobel Prize.”

The award will be presented by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in May, when Bloomberg will be a private citizen.

Mayor Bloomberg, a billionaire, will donate his $1 million prize to charity. Photo via

Return Of ‘Stolen’ Jewish Trove From Iraq Fueling Anger

On eve of D.C. exhibit, community wants ‘illegally expropriated’ material to remain in Jewish hands in U.S.

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The treasure trove of materials tells the story of the rich history of Iraqi Jews, stretching back 2,500 years to Babylonia. There are Torah parchments, a Hebrew Bible with commentaries from 1568, a Babylonian Talmud from 1793 and a Passover Haggadah from 1902.

Jewish trove found in an Iraqi government building. Photo courtesy Harold Rhode

In Surprise Appearance, Bush Warns Presidents Conference On Iran


Former President George W. Bush told a Presidents Conference gathering that he did not trust the Iranian regime to change its intentions toward Israel.

Former President George W. Bush addresses gala of the Conference of Presidents on Oct. 15. Photo via

1 In 4 European Jews Afraid To Wear Kipa, Survey Shows


A quarter of respondents in a survey of Jews from nine European countries said they avoid visiting places and wearing symbols that identify them as Jews for fear of anti-Semitism.

Italians Riot At Fringe Catholic Funeral Procession For Nazi War Criminal

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Italians rioted and shouted "murderer" as the hearse carrying the body of Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke made its way to a Rome church for burial by the fringe Catholic organization that stepped up to do the deed when several governments refused Priebke's body.

Warshel, Karplus, Levitt Share 2013 Nobel For Chemistry


Three Jewish scientists jointly won this year’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry, the Royal Swedish Academy announced on Wednesday, a day after it awarded the physics prize to two professors, one of whom is a Holocaust survivor.

Iraqi Jews Struggle To Keep Their Artifacts In U.S.

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Returning Jewish books and objects to the Iraqi government, as the United States is supposed to do according to a 2003 agreement, would be like giving Jewish property looted to the Nazis back to Germany.

The Iraqi government has promised to display Jewish objects among other national treasures. Getty Images

Obama Administration: Shutdown Will Affect Military Aid To Israel


The Obama administration underscored potential cuts in defense assistance to Israel in making its case against the federal government shutdown.

London’s American-style JCC Seeking Lead Role In Anglo Jewry ‘Renaissance’


At his office in London’s newly opened, $80 million Jewish community center, Raymond Simonson fumbles with a state-of-the-art telephone switchboard.

Raymond Simonson greets visitors at the opening of London’s new JW3 community center. Blake Ezra Photography
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