‘Dig’ Ends Its TV Run Not With A Bang But A Flood


It’s come at last — the end of “Dig,” the apocalyptic action series that concludes Thursday  (May 7) on the USA Network.

Why Doesn't Natalie Portman Display Her Oscar?

In a recent interview, the Israeli-born actress sounds off on filming in Israel, Bibi, anti-semitism and Alan Dershowitz.

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If the Harvard degree on her wall, brilliant kop and incredible acting abilities wasn’t enough, Natalie Portman just gave bubbes everywhere another 100 reasons to love her. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter she opened up about her deep connection to Israel, her debut film, and why she doesn’t put her Oscar on display.

Natalie Portman on the set of her new film, 'A Tale Of Love And Darkness', in Jerusalem last year. Getty Images

Pinning Of Yellow Star On 3-Year-Old Reignites Israeli Education Debate


On April 19, Keren Zachmi’s daughter returned from her kindergarten near Tel Aviv wearing a yellow patch emblazoned with the word “Jude.”

Families Of U.S. Servicemen Return Paintings Stolen From Germany After WWII


Five paintings obtained by U.S. servicemen while serving in Germany at the end of World War II were returned to Germany.

French Investigation Into Death Of Yasser Arafat Completed


A French investigation into the death of former Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat has ended.

In Nepal, Rabbi’s Sad Search Continues

Chabad leader looks for additional Jews among the dead following recovery of Israeli hiker’s body.


Kathmandu, Nepal – The Nepal based rabbi who has been a driving force in search and rescue is making daily visits to rows of bodies in a village near Kathmandu, expecting to discover more Jewish dead.

Nepal Chabad’s Rabbi Chezky Lifshitze

At IDF Hospital In Nepal, Healing And Heartbreak

Israel’s 150-strong medical staff seen as lifesaver amid the rubble.

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Kathmandu, Nepal — An 18-year-old lies on a bed at the entrance of a tent, with an injured head and just a stub where his right arm used to be. “When I saw him I thought he was dead,” said his father, Bim Mahi.

Medical clown Smadar Harpats gets a smile from an injured Nepalese boy at IDF field hospital. Photos By Nathan Jeffay/JW

New Art Restitution Effort Fueled By Return Of Work

Nazi-looted painting given back to Jewish family; lawyers pressing D.C. bill.

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The return this week of a 17th-century oil painting to the daughter of a German art historian from whom the Nazis stole it is fueling efforts to revitalize campaigns against museums and countries that steadfastly refuse to return Nazi-looted art.

Attorneys Markus Stoetzel, right, and Mel Urbach, center, with state official Benjamin Lawsky stand beside “Painting of a Man.”

Body Of Missing Israeli Hiker Found In Nepal


Jerusalem — The last unaccounted-for Israeli following the earthquake in Nepal was found dead in the remote Langtang area.

French Muslim Girl's Skirt Judged Too Long

Modest women of all religions must tread a fine hemline.

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Impossible to skirt the issue — enforcing a religious code of dress at school can be tricky and controversial.

Haredi women, sisters in tsniut, or modesty, to the Muslim girl forced to change her clothes. Getty Images
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