Two In Custody For Allegedly Aiding Copenhagen Gunman


Copenhagen police are holding two men suspected of aiding the gunman in separate deadly shootings in the Dutch capital, including on a synagogue.

France’s Prime Minister Appeals For Jews To Stay


France’s prime minister appealed to the Jews of France to remain in the country in the wake of a call by his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu for Jews to move to Israel.

‘Wake-Up Call’ For Denmark's Jews

Synagogue shooting comes amid growing number of anti-Semitic incidents in Copenhagen.


From the window of the Jewish Community of Copenhagen’s crisis center, Finn Schwarz can see his country changing before his eyes.

Copenhagen’s main synagogue, where a guard was shot and killed early Feb. 15, 2015. (Wikimedia Commons)

1 Dead, 2 Injured In Attack On Copenhagen Synagogue


A man was killed and two injured in an attack at a synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The shooting after midnight on Sunday morning at Copenhagen’s central synagogue in Krystalgade occurred just hours after a fatal shooting Saturday afternoon at a free speech event at a cultural center featuring a Danish cartoonist, Lars Vilks, who is under police protection because of his cartoons caricaturing Mohammed. It is not yet clear if the two shootings are related.

Denmark Chief Rabbi Rejects Netanyahu Call To Make Aliyah


Denmark’s chief rabbi rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for European Jews to move to Israel in the wake of a terror attack on a Copenhagen synagogue.

“Terror is not a reason to move to Israel,” said Denmark Chief Rabbi Jair Melchior said Sunday.

His remarks came in response to a statement Netanyahu made on Sunday morning before Israel’s Cabinet approved a $46 million plan to encourage immigration and adapt the absorption process to Jews from France, Belgium and Ukraine.

Copenhagen Synagogue Shooting Victim named as Dan Uzan, 37


The volunteer guard killed outside Copenhagen’s synagogue was identified as Dan Uzan, 37.

Uzan, whose father is Israeli and whose mother is Danish, died Saturday night shortly after sustaining fatal gunshot injuries, the Jewish Community in Copenhagen wrote in statement published on the website of the Security and Crisis Center by the European Jewish Congress.

Bibi Tells Europe's Jews To Come ‘Home’

Israel is preparing for the 'absorption of mass immigration from Europe,' Netanyahu said.


JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Jews in Europe to move to Israel in the wake of an attack on a synagogue in Copenhagen.

"We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe," Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday. Getty Images

Test: No Gunpowder Found On Nisman’s Hands


Buenos Aires, Argentina – A sophisticated test found no gunpowder on the hands of AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman, whose shooting death remains unexplained.

Why? Urban Outfitters Gay Holocaust Tapestry

Most offensive? Holocaust pajamas just got some competition.

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Really, Urban Outfitters? More Holocaust garb?

A tapestry being sold by Urban Outfitters. via
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