AIPAC Emphasizes Iran Talks At Record-Breaking Conference


Washington — AIPAC launched its largest-ever conference with a focus on the Iran nuclear talks.

How Bad Is The Rift?

With Israel now a wedge issue, observers split on possible fallout as Netanyahu’s Congress speech approaches.

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The top professional of a major Jewish organization has expressed confidence that the rift between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have no impact on U.S.-Israel relations.

Benjamin Netanyahu via Wikipedia Commons.

Argentine Judge Dismisses Nisman Accusations Against Kirchner In AMIA Case


Buenos Aires, Argentina — A federal judge in Argentina dismissed the complaint against President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner that she covered up Iran’s role in the 1994 AMIA Jewish center bombing.

Hollande: Anti-Semites Have No Place In France


French President Francois Hollande said the country would protect its Jews against rising anti-Semitism.

French Chief Rabbi Rejects Netanyahu’s Call for Emigration


France’s chief rabbi, Haim Korsia, rejected Israeli Prime Minister’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent call for European Jews to move to Israel.

At a news conference Thursday in New York following a speech at Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue, Korsia said there had been a Jewish presence in France for 2,000 years and, echoing recent comments by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, said that “France will no longer be France” if there were a mass Jewish exodus.

French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia, left, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio a Park East Synagogue. Getty Images

Forever 21 Picks Up ‘If Not Now, When’ Tee

Hillel the sage continues to inspire. H&M was first--who's next?

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Mishnaic sage Hillel is inspiring the world of fashion yet again. 


Muslims In Norway To Form ‘Peace Ring’ Around Oslo Synagogue


Muslims in Norway plan to form what they are calling a “peace ring” around an Oslo synagogue following Sabbath services.

Swedish Public Radio Apologizes For Anti-Semitism Question


Swedish public radio apologized for a presenter’s question to the country’s Israeli ambassador about whether Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism.

Jewish Radio Station In Copenhagen Cancels Broadcast


A Jewish radio station based in Copenhagen canceled its daily broadcast for security reasons following the deadly synagogue shooting in the Danish capital.

Denmark Synagogue Attack Seen As ‘Wake-up Call’

Synagogue shooting comes amid an escalation in anti-Semitic incidents.


From the window of the Jewish Community of Copenhagen’s crisis center, Finn Schwarz can see his country changing before his eyes.

Danish and an Israeli flag are seen among flowers and candles honoring the shooting victims outside the main synagogue.Getty
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