Vandals Target French Jewish Cemetery, Vienna’s Freud Museum


Vienna’s Sigmund Freud Museum, a Jewish French cemetery and a Polish watchdog on anti-Semitism all were hit by vandalism in recent days.

Ahead Of Olympics, 2 Synagogues To Open In Rio De Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro is set to open two new Orthodox synagogues ahead of the Brazilian city’s hosting of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Hebrew U Professor Picks Up Baby, Rocks The Web

What would your professor do?

Staff Writer

Hebrew University professor Sydney Engelberg encourages young moms to bring their babies to class.

That’s why earlier this week when a student’s baby started to cry during an organizational behavior lecture, Engelberg, not missing a beat, picked up the baby and kept teaching.

Though the occurrence was business-as-usual for Engelberg according to one of his students, the story has since gone viral.

The photo of professor Sydney Engelberg holding his student’s baby has become an internet sensation. Via

Rabbis Gather In Toulouse To Denounce Islamist Terror


Senior rabbis from across Europe and Israel gathered in Toulouse, France, for a conference devoted to finding solutions for challenges facing European Jewry.

Jewish Volunteers Staying Stoic In Ravaged Nepal

Second quake complicating rebuilding efforts for small band of workers.

Contributing Editor

A team of 40 Jewish volunteers in Nepal watched in horror on Tuesday as a second earthquake wrought more death and destruction on the country — and as more of their hard work was reduced to dust.

Tevel b’Tzedek volunteers rebuilding quake-destroyed homes in Nepal.  Courtesy of Tevel b’Tzedek

Drake Opens Luxury Toronto Club In Honor Of Late Grandparents

The Sher Club is named for his maternal grandparents, Rueben & Evelyn Sher.

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Drake’s been giving us naches ever since he released his first hit album six years ago, but he just one-upped himself with his latest venture. Last week he announced the opening of a new, exclusive club at the Air Canada Center in his Toronto hometown. The ritzy club is named "Sher Club," for none other than his beloved Bubbe and Zaidy—his maternal grandparents—Rueben & Evelyn Sher.

Drake at the opening of the new Sher Club. Via

IDF Delegation To Nepal Lands In Israel As New Temblor Strikes Area


Jerusalem — The Israel Defense Forces delegation to Nepal returned home as a second powerful earthquake shook the beleaguered Asian country.

Injured Nepalese women wait to be treated outside the Israeli field hospital in Nepal, April, 2015. Getty Images.

Natalie Portman Set To Star As Ruth Bader Ginsberg In Upcoming Biopic

The Oscar winning actress will portray the Supreme Court Justice in a film about her life and career.

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As if we didn’t have enough kvell-worthy Natalie Portman news this week, we just got another round to keep us fangirling. Hollywood sources report that Portman will star as United States Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (yes!) in “On the Basis of Sex," a biopic about the life and career of the first Jewish female justice.

Natalie Portman poses for photographers on the red carpet in Germany, February 2015. Getty Images.

It’s Complicated: Germany And Israel Mark Golden Anniversary As Friends


Berlin — This month marks 50 years since Israel and West Germany established diplomatic ties. It has been an understandably complex relationship, launched two decades after the Holocaust ended and 14 years after West Germany committed to reparations “both moral and material” for the genocide committed by the Nazis. (The decision to accept German money and goods was contentious among Israelis, some of whom referred to the payouts as “blood money.”)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel received the Presidential Medal from then-President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, 2014. JTA.
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