Ukrainian Jewish Billionaire Resigns As Governor Amid Dispute With President


The Ukrainian Jewish billionaire Igor Kolomoisky resigned as governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region amid a dispute with President Petro Poroshenko over control of two state-owned firms.

Congressional Push To Get U.S., Israel To ‘Dial It Down’

Dems Nita Lowey and Steve Israel encourage quiet dialogue.

Staff Writer

Before flying to Israel this week, House Speaker John Boehner said the “animosity” exhibited by the Obama administration towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “reprehensible.”

Rep Nita Lowey: Urging senior White House officials to “cool” the rhetoric.

For One Night, A Spiritual Home For The Homeless

Passover’s slavery-freedom message resonates deeply for those on the street.

Special To The Jewish Week

It was the second night of Passover. In Congregation Habonim, a liberal congregation founded by Holocaust survivors and refugees, nearly 150 homeless Jews sat at tables at a seder sponsored by Ve’ahavta, Canada’s only registered Jewish humanitarian organization.

The food and hugs are free: A scene from Toronto’s annual seder for the homeless.  Photo courtesy of Ve’ahavta

This Year In Kaifeng

Seder in Chinese city is sign of revival of ancient Jewish community.

Special To The Jewish Week

My name is Heng Shi, I am a Chinese Jew, born and raised in the city of Kaifeng, along the banks of the Yellow River, among hundreds of people in Kaifeng who are descendants of the city’s Jews.

Kaifeng’s emerging Jewish community prepares for Passover by studying the Haggadah and burning its chametz.  Shavei Israel

New Research Shows Anne Frank Died Earlier Than Believed


Anne Frank died earlier than previously believed, according to new research.

ZAKA Rescue Team Heading To Germanwings Crash Site


Jerusalem — A delegation from Israel’s ZAKA emergency response organization will be flying to the Germanwings crash site in the French Alps.

Amnesty Int’l: Gaza Rocket Attacks By Palestinians Are War Crimes


Jerusalem — Several rocket attacks launched at Israel from inside the Gaza Strip amount to war crimes, Amnesty International said.

2 Nazi-Looted Paintings Going Back To Owners’ Heirs


Two paintings confiscated by the Nazis from their Jewish owners will be returned to their heirs in separate restitution deals.

Meet Ruth Porat, Google’s New CFO


To the business press, the symbolism of Ruth Porat’s move from her position as chief financial officer of Morgan Stanley to her newly announced perch as Google’s CFO of the future couldn’t be more obvious — it represents a shift in power from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. And there’s no question that it’s a big deal when one of the most powerful women in finance decides that the grass — or at least the money — is greener on the other side of the country.

Nazi Refuge Discovered In Argentine Jungle, Archaeologist Says


Buenos Aires, Argentina — A team of archaeologists and researchers discovered what they believe was a refuge for Nazis in an Argentine forest near the border with Paraguay.

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