Natalie Portman Set To Star As Ruth Bader Ginsberg In Upcoming Biopic

The Oscar winning actress will portray the Supreme Court Justice in a film about her life and career.

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As if we didn’t have enough kvell-worthy Natalie Portman news this week, we just got another round to keep us fangirling. Hollywood sources report that Portman will star as United States Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (yes!) in “On the Basis of Sex," a biopic about the life and career of the first Jewish female justice.

Natalie Portman poses for photographers on the red carpet in Germany, February 2015. Getty Images.

It’s Complicated: Germany And Israel Mark Golden Anniversary As Friends


Berlin — This month marks 50 years since Israel and West Germany established diplomatic ties. It has been an understandably complex relationship, launched two decades after the Holocaust ended and 14 years after West Germany committed to reparations “both moral and material” for the genocide committed by the Nazis. (The decision to accept German money and goods was contentious among Israelis, some of whom referred to the payouts as “blood money.”)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel received the Presidential Medal from then-President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, 2014. JTA.

Anti-Semitic, Right-Wing Attacks Rise In Germany


Berlin — A major increase in anti-Semitic and right-wing violent attacks in Germany is “extremely worrying,” according to the country’s interior minister.

Miliband Out As Conservatives Win In Britain


Ed Miliband, the first Jewish leader of Britain’s Labour Party, is resigning as British Prime Minister David Cameron appeared on his way to reelection.

‘Dig’ Ends Its TV Run Not With A Bang But A Flood


It’s come at last — the end of “Dig,” the apocalyptic action series that concludes Thursday  (May 7) on the USA Network.

Why Doesn't Natalie Portman Display Her Oscar?

In a recent interview, the Israeli-born actress sounds off on filming in Israel, Bibi, anti-semitism and Alan Dershowitz.

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If the Harvard degree on her wall, brilliant kop and incredible acting abilities wasn’t enough, Natalie Portman just gave bubbes everywhere another 100 reasons to love her. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter she opened up about her deep connection to Israel, her debut film, and why she doesn’t put her Oscar on display.

Natalie Portman on the set of her new film, 'A Tale Of Love And Darkness', in Jerusalem last year. Getty Images

Pinning Of Yellow Star On 3-Year-Old Reignites Israeli Education Debate


On April 19, Keren Zachmi’s daughter returned from her kindergarten near Tel Aviv wearing a yellow patch emblazoned with the word “Jude.”

Families Of U.S. Servicemen Return Paintings Stolen From Germany After WWII


Five paintings obtained by U.S. servicemen while serving in Germany at the end of World War II were returned to Germany.

French Investigation Into Death Of Yasser Arafat Completed


A French investigation into the death of former Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat has ended.

In Nepal, Rabbi’s Sad Search Continues

Chabad leader looks for additional Jews among the dead following recovery of Israeli hiker’s body.


Kathmandu, Nepal – The Nepal based rabbi who has been a driving force in search and rescue is making daily visits to rows of bodies in a village near Kathmandu, expecting to discover more Jewish dead.

Nepal Chabad’s Rabbi Chezky Lifshitze
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