Dutch Mark 20th Anniversary Of El Al Amsterdam Crash As Questions Linger


Chemical weapons, nuclear debris and Mossad agents in biohazard suits all have played prominent roles in the dozens of conspiracy theories surrounding the crash of an El Al airplane here 20 years ago this month.

But Rob Oudkerk, vice chairman of the Dutch parliament’s inquiry into the deadly crash, has studied and dismissed them all.

Crash site in the Biljmer neighborhood in Amsterdam.

Kafka's Writings To Go Public

After long legal battle, Israeli court orders papers transferred to the Israel National Library


An Israeli court ruled that papers belonging to writer Franz Kafka be transferred to the Israel National Library in Jerusalem.

The Tel Aviv District Family Court made the ruling last Friday following a years-long legal battle.

Explosives Lab Used To Bomb Kosher Store Found

French police found lab of "jihadist cell" after interrogating 12 suspects


French police found an explosives lab that they say was used by a "jihadist cell" in the bombing of a kosher store near Paris.

Francois Molins of the Paris prosecutor’s office said at a news conference Wednesday that the firearms and “all the elements necessary to produce explosive devices” were discovered the previous day at a parking lot in the eastern Paris suburb of Torcy.

French police found the cache after interrogating 12 suspects arrested over the weekend in various French cities, predominantly in Cannes and Paris, he added.

Jailed Alan Gross May Have Tumor

Doctors say Jewish-American contractor has mass behind right shoulder.


Jailed Jewish-American contractor Alan Gross may have a cancerous tumor that needs to be treated, his lawyer said.

Gross has an unidentified mass behind his right shoulder, according to reports. Cuban doctors declared the mass to be a hematoma that would reabsorb over time.

CT and ultrasound scans of the mass conducted by the Cuban doctors were sent to Gross' lawyers in the United States.

New Life, New Mission For Ex-Jobbik Leader

After discovery of his Jewishness, Csanad Szegedi now taking on the fight against anti-Semitism he once preached.

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Talk about atonement.

“I spent years of my life attacking Jews and encouraging others to hate Jews,” Csanad Szegedi tells students in Hungary’s public schools.

Revelation of his Jewishness came as a shock to Csanad Szegedi. Michael Datikash/JW

Jack The Ripper Not Necessarily Jewish

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You can rest easy. Turns out Jack the Ripper might not have been Jewish after all.

Jack the Ripper. Wikimedia Commons

Klain Appointed U.S. Ebola Response Coordinator

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Former White House official Ron Klain has been tapped to coordinate the government’s response to the Ebola outbreak.

Sarkozy Despised For His Jewish Origins, Ex-French FM says

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Bernard Kouchner, a former foreign minister of France, said that ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy was widely disliked because of his Jewish origins.

British Parliament Passes Nonbinding Motion Recognizing Palestine

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The British Parliament overwhelmingly voted for a nonbinding motion to recognize the state of Palestine.

Giant JCC ‘Empowers’ Jews In Ukraine

$100 million center in Dnepropetrovsk provides shelter from the storm — in style.

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Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine — Five months into the war that turned him into a refugee in his own country, Jacob Virin has already attended 20 Jewish weddings — including those of his son and two other relatives — at the $100 million JCC of Dnepropetrovsk.

A rendering of the Menorah Center in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, which is said to be the largest Jewish community center in Europe.
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