Freshmen Congress Members Visiting Israel Ahead Of Iran Vote


Washington — Freshmen Congress members will tour Israel with their party leaders and meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Congress gears up to consider an Iran nuclear deal that Netanyahu vehemently opposes.

Leading House Republican, Democrat Introduce Anti-BDS Resolution


Washington — The top Republican and Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee introduced a resolution urging the Obama administration to increase its activities against any boycott of Israel.

Seven Wonder Women Of Jewish Athletics

These female athletes are strong, dedicated, talented...and Jewish.

Editorial Interns

Last week, the Arizona Cardinals hired Dr. Jen Welter, who is believed to be the first female coach in NFL history. While Welter herself isn’t Jewish, her appointment provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate female members of the Tribe who have shattered the glass ceiling with their skates, running shoes, and ping-pong paddles.

Fifteen-year-old Jewess and ping-pong star, Estee Ackerman. Via

Judge Upholds Sentence Of Mikvah-Peeping Rabbi


A judge upheld the 6 1/2-year prison term of Rabbi Barry Freundel, the Washington, D.C., rabbi who secretly videotaped dozens of women undressing in the mikvah.

African-American Opera Singer Revives The Songs Of The Shtetl


Berkley, Calif. - Three years ago, when Anthony Mordechai Tzvi Russell took the stage at a Jewish vaudeville celebration and said he was going to sing in Yiddish, people laughed.

Anthony Mordechai Tzvi Russell. RNS

Fishy Religion-Spoof: Do You ‘Sea’ Fun Or Blasphemy?


 Quiz: Are these tag lines from Comedy Central, a commercial ad campaign or the church on your corner?

A new ad campaign for Legal Sea Foods urges people to convert to “Pescatarianism.” RNS

Jewish Women’s Eggs Are Hot Commodity, But Are They ‘Kosher’?

Washington Jewish Week

Rockville, Md. – Laura has donated her eggs four times to women who needed help having children.

A pregnant woman holding her stomach: Egg banks report that they cannot meet the demand for Jewish donations. JTA

Study: Most Jewish Students Faced Hostilities On North American Campuses


Most Jewish undergraduates have encountered anti-Israel and/or anti-Semitic attitudes on campus, but they have not diminished their feelings of connection to Israel, a new study about anti-Semitism at North American universities found

WATCH: Jack Black, Morgan Freeman Urge Americans To Support Iran Deal


Actors Jack Black and Morgan Freeman join other big shots, including Queen Noor of Jordan, in a comedic video released Tuesday that plumps for the Iran deal.

Morgan Freeman

Two Sides Of The Jewish Soul

Theo Bikel and E.L. Doctorow, who died on the same day, represented Jewish life’s north and south poles.

Special To The Jewish Week

One of the true riches of the Jewish people — their contribution to a society’s culture — became vastly poorer last week as two titans of Jewish song and drama, and arts and letters, Theodore Bikel, age 91, and E.L. Doctorow, age 84, both died on the same day, July 21.

Theodore Bikel, left, and E.L. Doctorow, found fame in the United States but approached Jewish life in different directions.
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