‘Backyard’ Battle Over Holocaust Truth

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Holocaust denial may be down, but it’s not out. Just ask Charles “Skipp” Porteous, a New York writer, activist and investigator targeted in a lawsuit by an author who calls the Shoah a “myth.” Historian Deborah Lipstadt recently triumphed in a similar case in London, in which a judge not only denied David Irving’s accusation of libel but branded Irving an anti-Semite and racist before ordering him to pay millions in court costs.

Elian Saga Could Mar Return Of Children

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Advocates for children in international custody cases are warning that the unfolding Elian Gonzales saga could have drastic repercussions on efforts to retrieve kids from foreign countries, including Israel, where such cases have risen sharply in recent years. “This gives those who want to justify the non-return of children another peg to hang their hats on,” said Nancy Hammer, international director of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Virginia.

Sears Settles With Sabbath Observers

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Sears Roebuck’s home product repair division will pay more than a half million dollars to settle religious accommodation complaints brought by Sabbath observant employees, state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer announced this week. The settlement reached Monday requires the Illinois-based retail giant to provide back pay and legal fees to five plaintiffs; to pay $225,000 to the American Law Institute to create a training program on religious accommodation; and provide scholarships of about $12,000 for 10 Sabbath observers to attend New York technical schools.

Prepared To Fight

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Will Jewish extremism increase in the wake of the shooting rampage at the North Valley Jewish Community Center and other subsequent anti-Semitic acts? That question emerged this week as the Jewish community struggled for the proper response to the attack on the Los Angeles-area JCC by Buford Furrow, a white supremacist with ties to neo-Nazi groups.

The Two Sides Of A Killer

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Details are still sketchy about the life of Dylan Klebold, the Colorado teenager who fell into a dark world of rebellion that culminated in the murder of 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School. But one odd piece of information seems clear: The 17-year-old Klebold’s Jewish lineage was no impediment to his adoption of the neo-Nazism and Hitler-mania that informed his last days.

Mossad Taping Of Clinton Phone Sex Seen As ‘Contrived’

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Allegations in an upcoming book that Israel’s secret intelligence agency taped sultry phone sex between President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky are “too contrived” to be true, the director of the Anti-Defamation League says.

Life Term For Brooklyn Bomb Maker Called ‘Appropriate Punishment’

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Jewish officials this week welcomed the life sentence given a Palestinian man who planned to detonate a nail-packed bomb on a subway bound for Borough Park. “This is an appropriate punishment for the threat he posed to the Jewish community,” said Adam Segall, director of the New York region of the Anti-Defamation League.

The Brawl On The Mall (part 2)

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On Herbert Zweibon’s cluttered desk lies a Jewish Telegraphic Agency dispatch about this year’s Salute to Israel parade. The report notes that this year’s parade will be combined with an African-American event honoring Rev. Martin Luther King on May 17. Scrawled across the top of Zweibon’s copy of the article are the words “We Must Stop This!”

Partisans Fight For Place In History

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Frank Blaichman will never forget the day the tables were turned. It was December, 1942. His band of Jewish renegades was hiding in the forest of Bratnik, outside his birthplace of Lublin, Poland. They battled dual enemies: bitter cold and marauding Polish thugs eager to turn “dirty Jews” over to the Nazis.
Frank Blaichman

Will Jews Stay With Joe?

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As Sen. Joe Lieberman and his supporters baked in the afternoon sun and basked in the endorsement of a local congresswoman at a subsidized housing project here Monday, Dan Garrett stood across the street holding a “Joe’s Gotta Go” sign.
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