Pollard Calls For ‘Massive Intervention’

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Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard said he believes there is “not a snow ball’s chance in hell” President Bill Clinton will free him unless the three major Jewish defense organizations openly support his release. “The president doesn’t give a damn about the Jewish community’s opinion, except for the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League,” Pollard said this week in a phone call from the federal prison in North Carolina.

Pollard Fearful Of Clinton Whitewash

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Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is telling friends that he fears President Bill Clinton is arranging a “kangaroo court” for him. “They are making charges and accusations and we don’t know what they are,” Pollard reportedly told friends this week.

Sex, Lies And Sermons

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The sex scandal enveloping President Bill Clinton and the nation was a prime topic of discussion at Rosh HaShanah services this week, and many New York-area rabbis used their sermons to draw lessons from the tragedy.

Lieberman Curbs God-Talk In N.J.

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Union Township, N.J. — It’s been seven weeks since Sen. Joseph Lieberman was nominated by Al Gore to be his running mate and, judging by the reception he received Tuesday in New Jersey, the enthusiasm over his selection has not worn off.

Lieberman Won’t Change Political Style, Dems Say

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Los Angeles — As Sen. Joseph Lieberman sets out on the campaign trail, New York delegates to the Democratic National Convention and party leaders expressed confidence that he would not be used as an attack dog against the Republican opposition — a role traditionally given to the vice presidential nominee.

Gore’s Chosen One

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The selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as Al Gore’s vice presidential running mate — the first Jew on the national ticket of a major political party — has brought a sense of renewed pride to many American Jews, though some are concerned about a backlash of anti-Semitism.

New York State Of Mind

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Philadelphia — They were there to celebrate George W. Bush and all things Republican, but the New York delegates at the party’s national convention here seemed to be thinking as much about the state’s U.S. Senate race as the presidential duel. Many in that contingent wore anti-Hillary Clinton buttons. Some appeared even more intent in working to defeat the first lady in her Senate bid than in trying to elect Bush, whom few expect to take New York State in November.

Barak’s Next Agenda: Shoring Up Home Front

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After an exhausting two weeks of peace talks in the Maryland mountains, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak returned home Wednesday to hurriedly form a new coalition government before Wednesday’s Knesset recess and to begin addressing domestic issues that have been subsumed by peace efforts. Although in the past Barak has shifted his peace efforts to the Syrians when Palestinian peace efforts waned — as they did Tuesday in the collapse of the Camp David summit — Colette Avital of Barak’s One Israel Party said this would not happen now.

Jan Karski, 86; Informed West About Shoah

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After no more than 20 minutes in a Nazi concentration camp, Polish diplomat Jan Karski had to leave. “I couldn’t take it,” he recalled later. Karski, who in 1942 would provide the West with the first eyewitness accounts of Holocaust atrocities after secretly entering the camp and the Warsaw Ghetto, died last week in Washington. He was 86. “I cried when I read he had died, not just because I had lost a friend but imagine what could have happened if people had listened to him,” said Michael Berenbaum, a prominent Holocaust scholar.

All Eyes On Jerusalem

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After eight days of tough negotiations on a host of thorny final-status issues, it was not surprising that the deal-breaker issue of Jerusalem set the Israeli-Palestinian summit at Camp David spinning into crisis on Wednesday. With Israeli officials saying the Palestinians had shown no flexibility on the Jerusalem question, Prime Minister Ehud Barak threatened to leave the presidential retreat on Wednesday.
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