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Zakheim Withdraws, YU In Turmoil

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Dov Zakheim, the sole choice of the search committee seeking a president for Yeshiva University, withdrew his candidacy on Tuesday, throwing the process into turmoil and underscoring the ideological and political difficulties of finding a successor to Dr. Norman Lamm. “Never underestimate the clout of the rabbis here,” one faculty member said in the aftermath of Zackheim’s short-lived candidacy.

Arafat Seen As Mideast Culprit

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Even as the Bush administration weighs how to deal with Yasir Arafat, New York’s two U.S. senators blamed him completely for the current Mideast violence and asserted Sunday that America stands firmly with Israel, equating Washington’s war on terrorism with Israel’s struggle against the Palestinians.

Planting Roots Of The Future

Rabbi Friedman was the first UJA exec to focus on young leadership.

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‘I smuggled weapons to Palestine, before Israel was born, thus breaking U.S. arms-embargo laws,” writes Rabbi Herbert Friedman on the first page of his 1999 memoir, “Roots Of The Future”; “led convoys of refugees across hostile European borders to freedom; ‘liberated’ crates of medieval religious documents from U.S. Army custody in Germany and transferred to a professor in Jerusalem; and committed similar, illegal or borderline-illegal acts long forgotten.”

Israel Is Winning In Media, Too

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Israel at war has most American Jews instinctively ducking for cover from the media, expecting the worst. However, the good news about this war, aside from Israel giving Hamas a bloody trip to the woodshed, is that the American media, by and large, is being far more supportive of Israel than most anyone could have imagined.

Arab Media, Speaking To Wounded, Blames Hamas

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With Israel in retreat from Gaza, perhaps it is time to bury cliches, as well as the dead. So many op-eds on Israel’s behalf have told us that Israel “loves life” more than the enemy does; that Israel’s army is the most “humanitarian” ever; that Israel’s real objective is the military equivalent of immaculate conception — shock and awe, while retaining total innocence.

Righteous Jews, Self-Righteous Critics

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I think we can safely assume that many men reading The Jewish Week have been in love with a fair number of religious Jewish women, have had a crush on a good number more, and only wish they were given the time of day by a dozen other Orthodox women so breathtakingly beautiful, to paraphrase “Farewell, My Lovely,” that they could make an angel kick a hole in a stained glass window.

Communal Creativity Leads To Stimulus

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In this economic crisis, the leaders of Satmar, who defiantly never went to college, are running rings around their more modern brothers and sisters who have advanced degrees and invested with Bernie Madoff. Mainstream Jews are debating hot to steer Jewish education through the crisis, perhaps with tax credits, or the creation of Hebrew-emphasis public charer schools, like the Arabic public school in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, Satmar, who figured this out 15 years ago, scored $6.3 million from the stimulus bill for Kiryas Joel’s all-Jewish public school.

Uncanny Tales Of Survival

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A young chasid, Yosef Yitzhak, a future rebbe, went walking with his father in the summer of 1896, past wheat fields, into a forest, near the village of Lubavitch. His father explained how God formed the breeze that bent the wheat, that fluttered the grass; every movement imagined and set in motion at Creation. There is no such thing as coincidence, not even a breeze. Everything is choreographed from the beginning and into the infinite. And yet, say the mystics, we are dancers within the choreography. The question is whether we can hear the music;

Proponent Of Tolerance,And Vigilance, Too

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‘Jews must always be on guard,” Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told a small group of business professionals during a recent visit to New York. Those few words sum up the primary message of the international Jewish human rights center he founded three decades ago in Los Angeles, which claims more than 400,000 supporters.

‘Islam Is Dominated By Radicals’

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By the end of a spirited and high-level debate held here last week, many in the audience of about 400 dramatically shifted their opinions and agreed with the proposition that “Islam is dominated by radicals.”
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