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Columbia Prof Defiant After Swastika

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Over the 17 years she has been teaching at Columbia University’s Teachers College, Elizabeth Midlarsky had often considered hanging a mezuzah on the doorpost of her office. One problem she faced was how to nail it into the metal doorframe.

Carribean Chasid, For A Day

Photos by Richard B. Levine
A long white beard and kipa weren’t the only things distinguishing Jacob Goldstein from other honorary marshals at Monday’s West Indian American Parade. Rabbi Goldstein says he was just about the only one in the crowd of dignitaries not running for office.

Karben Charges Loom Unanswered

News Editor
The sudden resignation of Rockland County Assemblyman Ryan Karben earlier this month makes it unlikely the former political rising star will answer accusations that have emerged about his behavior with staff. Although no formal charges were filed against Karben, 31, unnamed sources have leaked to the press that he was under investigation for conduct with subordinates considered inappropriate by legislative guidelines. That conduct was alleged to have included unwanted advances toward a male intern and watching a pornographic video with aides.

Last Laugh For Henny

Staff Writer

You could see the line coming from a mile away. “God,” said Rabbi Noach Valley, pointing at Henny Youngman’s coffin, “take Henny, please.”

It was, everyone agreed, the kind of funeral the King of the One-Liners would have wanted: few tears, plenty of laughs.

“People,” the comic legend used to say, “are dying today who have never died before.” Just because he was now one of those people was no reason to hold the jokes.

Henny Youngman

We Didnít Start The Fire

Associate Editor

After the 2002 Salute To Israel Parade, The New York Times published a clarification for a front-page photograph and article that focused, in an unbalanced way, on a handful of Palestinian protesters, relegating the 100,000 supporters of Israel to the background.

A Final ëOne-Stateí Solution

Associate Editor

An obscure notion suggesting that both Israel and the Palestinian Authority be dismantled and replaced by a single Arab-Jewish state has suddenly entered the media mainstream, with references ranging from large outlets like CNN to small, rural papers that carry the Associated Press.

Papers Ignore Obama’s Palestinian Friends

Associate Editor

Recent weeks have seen a considerable amount of coverage focusing on whether Sen. Barack Obama has too many friends with an anti-American bias, notably his longtime pastor, Jeremiah Wright, whom Obama has finally renounced, and William Ayers, a Chicago professor who was a 1960s radical with the Weathermen terrorist group, a friendship Obama dismissed as casual.

But if Wright and Ayers have been thoroughly explored in primary debates and interviews, Obama’s other relationships with radicals have been relatively unexplored.

Where Do Grandchildren Come From?

Associate Editor

Karola Ruth Siegel remembers a far and distant Germany. Maybe she was 6, maybe 1935. ìI was visiting my maternal grandparents, Oma and Opa, on their farm in Wiesenfeld. There were geese. I didnít like the geese to be cooped up. So I let them free, out of their pens. The geese went off into the village and everyone had to go catch the geese! It was a great commotion. I donít remember getting punished. Maybe because I was a favored granddaughter.

From Cradle (To Gefilte Fish) To Grave

Associate Editor

New York already has the auto show and the boat show; now it has the World Jewish Expo at the Javits Center. The convention hall was filled with just about anything that a Jew might conceivably want to buy in the course of a Jewish life, and there were 30,000 Jews there for the three-day event to prove it.

Sharonís New Profile

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Ariel Sharon has been wounded more often on the printed page than on the battlefield, culminating in several long-ago libel suits. But in his latest incarnation as foreign minister, the old soldier is gathering some unexpected garlands.

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