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Sharon: Thomas Jefferson Or Luca Brasi?

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With Prime Minister Ariel Sharon incapacitated, the polite instinct is to praise him and pray. In the half-light between life and death, clarity gives way to hagiography.

More Renaissance Than ëRemnantsí

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The ìlast remnantsî of the Lower East Side?Holly Kaye, founding executive director of the Lower East Side Conservancy and now its consultant, was taken aback reading those words in the Associated Press story about the collapsed roof of the First Roumanian-American Congregation on Rivington Street.

Identity Crisis

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Whatís below the surface is more frightening that whatís above.

Wafa Sultanís Perfect Internet Storm

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Itís hard to figure out just what was news about the critique of Islamic fascism posed by Wafa Sultan on Al Jazeera last month. If anything was ìdog bites man,î this was it.

Leftist Fear Of Religion Could Undercut Obama

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Whatever happened to the quaint idea that people are drawn to religion because of God, not gelt, and not guilt either?
In a campaign where there’s been so much talk about “smears,” more than a few religious people have felt smeared in recent weeks by left-wing leaders who consider themselves religious, let alone smeared by one leader’s fiery pastor.

The Baal Shem Tov, Revealed Anew

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Some 300 years ago in whatís now Ukraine, a young boy, Yisroel Ben-Eliezer, couldnít stand to stay in the classroom. Heíd run away into nearby forests and fields. On one of his runaways he came upon a small house, illuminated from within. On his return he told of entering the innermost room where demons were laughing wildly.

Triangle Fire Still Burns

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The UPI reporter, William Shepherd, was just by chance on the corner of Manhattanís Washington Place and Greene Street when on March 25, 1911 flames started licking out of the eighth and ninth floors across the street. He knew the place, the Triangle Shirtwaist factory. The year before its workers had gone on strike for better conditions.

Marching To Two Beats

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Schoolchildren participating in Sunday’s Salute to Israel Parade will learn about Israel’s courageous struggle to survive and the perseverance of the Jewish people. But William Helmreich and Nathaniel James agree that they may also learn a thing or two about compromise.

Silver: Pataki’s Cuts Harm The Neediest

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Surrounded by Jewish communal officials last week, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver blasted Gov. George Pataki for what he considers politically motivated vetoes of budget items that impact Jewish communal organizations.

Sephardic Power Drive

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The race to fill a vacant Assembly seat this September has produced a rift between a powerful Brooklyn Democratic club and a Sephardic political action committee it helped form. Egyptian-born Lena Cymbrowitz, who is seeking the seat now held by congressional candidate Dan Feldman, is expected to be backed by the recently founded, grassroots Sephardic Voters League.
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