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Council Nixes ‘Evenhanded’ Measure

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A resolution calling on the City Council to accept Palestinian statehood while acting as “facilitators of peace” was rejected by a committee Friday, ending a sometimes raucous round of Mideast politics at City Hall.

Blacks And Jews To March Again

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This year’s Salute to Israel Parade will do more than reflect on the first 50 years of the Jewish state. For many spectators and participants, it will reflect on American history as well. For the first time in 33 years, those marching down Fifth Avenue on May 17 will include both Jews and African Americans as they combine support for Israel with commemoration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Testing The Charter School Waters

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Jewish educational institutions would have to push the periphery of the recently passed charter schools legislation to derive any benefit, but some say it’s inevitable that some organizations or existing schools will try to do so.

The Trials Of Fighting Terrorism

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When federal prosecutors tried last year to convict several fundraisers for Muslim organizations of supporting terrorism against Israel, their efforts fell flat. A Dallas jury rejected each of 197 charges against officials of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Earlier last year in Chicago, terrorism charges against two alleged Hamas activists also didn’t stick, and the two were convicted only of obstruction of justice.

Corned Beef And Pickles, 24/7

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Outside the new Second Avenue Deli, a gold plaque dedicates the restaurant to the memory of Abe Lebewohl, whose death in 1996 was the beginning of the end for the storied eatery’s East Village location, which closed its doors 10 years later after more than a half-century doling out kosher, if artery-clogging delicacies. A reward poster on the front door reminds visitors that his murder during a robbery remains unsolved.

A Five-Borough Tour Against Hate

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For Inderjit Singh, it was the time a little girl walked up to him on the street shortly after 9/11 and asked if he was going to bomb someone that day. For Vincent, it was the time he was fired for being openly gay, as well as the day someone yelled “faggot” at him from a passing car. Across the city on Thursday, people came together to discuss their experiences with ignorance and prejudice in a series of events in each borough dubbed “A Day Out Against Hate.”

Rabbi Denounced For Aiding ‘Get’ Husbands

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In a sign of increasing strife within the Orthodox community over halachic divorce, a group of prominent rabbis recently turned out to publicly castigate a rabbi they say is “aiding and abetting” recalcitrant husbands. Rabbi Hershel Schachter of Yeshiva University’s rabbinical school organized the Brooklyn protest after learning, he said, that Rabbi Shlomo Blumenkrantz has on several occasions arranged for a rabbinical decree that allows a man to remarry without a get.

Columbia Prof Defiant After Swastika

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Over the 17 years she has been teaching at Columbia University’s Teachers College, Elizabeth Midlarsky had often considered hanging a mezuzah on the doorpost of her office. One problem she faced was how to nail it into the metal doorframe.

Carribean Chasid, For A Day

Photos by Richard B. Levine
A long white beard and kipa weren’t the only things distinguishing Jacob Goldstein from other honorary marshals at Monday’s West Indian American Parade. Rabbi Goldstein says he was just about the only one in the crowd of dignitaries not running for office.

Karben Charges Loom Unanswered

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The sudden resignation of Rockland County Assemblyman Ryan Karben earlier this month makes it unlikely the former political rising star will answer accusations that have emerged about his behavior with staff. Although no formal charges were filed against Karben, 31, unnamed sources have leaked to the press that he was under investigation for conduct with subordinates considered inappropriate by legislative guidelines. That conduct was alleged to have included unwanted advances toward a male intern and watching a pornographic video with aides.
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