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Jewish Cops Claim NYPD Bias

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Claiming that recent incidents of anti-Semitism within the Police Department have been “swept under the carpet,” the organization representing Jewish police officers is promising to take a more aggressive stand in rooting out bias. “This has gone unnoticed for too long,” says officer Stuart Portner, president of the 2,800-member Shomrim Society. “We think that more attention needs to be paid to anti-Semitic [acts].”

Playing The Mideast Card At Gun Trial

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An attorney for two Tennessee gun makers on trial for liability in the 1994 Brooklyn Bridge shootings began his defense last week by trying to link the chasidic victims of the crime to Hebron murderer Baruch Goldstein. At the opening of a $39 million federal lawsuit Friday against Wayne and Sylvia Daniel, who manufactured the parts for a gun used in the shootings, the defense questioned survivors of the attack about Goldstein, whom he referred to repeatedly as “Rabbi Goldstein.”

Jeffries: ‘My Nazis Look Like You’

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Surrounded by wooded hilltops, the wide-open spaces and low-lying buildings of the College of Staten Island seem a world away from the urban tensions that sometimes embroil campuses in the boroughs on the other side of New York Harbor. But the appearance of Leonard Jeffries there last week left the normally serene campus riddled with the type of racial tension associated with the City College professor since his controversial views on slavery and other topics were made public in 1989.

Giving Up On Israel

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s plans for withdrawal from much of the West Bank is leading to erosion of political support within the one American group — the conservative, primarily Christian right —that had been most supportive of Israel, and reportedly the root of President Bush’s support, as well.

Conservative Party Threatens Bias Bill

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Senators’ need for extra votes said to fuel opposition; No love lost between Polonetsky and successor. The New York State Conservative Party is emerging as an 800-pound gorilla among opponents of a state bias crime bill. Advocates of the bill have been told by key members of the Republican-controlled state Senate that they would support the bill if not for the objections of the Conservative Party.Opposition to treating crimes more severely if motivated by bigotry was No. 12 of 25 “legislative priorities” for 1998 recently listed by the party.

Building London Bridges?

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With world Jewry focused on the interdenominational crisis in Israel this week, few are paying much attention to tensions between the Reform and Orthodox in England. Rabbi Mark Winer is one of those few. The former spiritual leader of Congregation Kol Ami in White Plains is about to assume the pulpit at Britain’s largest Reform congregation. As the spiritual leader of some 2,400 Reform families, he will become arguably the most prominent non-Orthodox authority in Europe.

Painting A Sorry Picture

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Claims against art museums and other institutions related to wartime Nazi plundering are likely to increase in the near future, a panel of experts agreed this week. During a two-day conference on moral and legal issues related to the Holocaust at the Yeshiva University’s Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in Manhattan, panelists discussing “Looted Art” detailed the means being used to identify and recover artworks and remedies to prevent their sale.

Suspending Belief

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There are no atheists in foxholes but there are more than a million in the American Jewish community, according to surveys, and the proudly godless are now angling to be seen as a Jewish ìreligiousî movementóHumanistic Judaismóalongside the traditional denominations.

Rudy Rapped On Chinese Fireworks Ban

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Jewish group fears City Hall’s prevention of New Year ritual sets precedent for religious obstruction; Jewish delegation to lobby for state RFRA bill. The only fireworks connected with New Year festivities in Chinatown this year will be rhetorical, thanks to a decree by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and at least one Jewish group is denouncing what it considers infringement on a religious observance.
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