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Voucher 'Bundler' Eyes Day Care Centers

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The politically connected Brooklyn rabbi who has steered most of the city's day care vouchers toward Orthodox neighborhoods is now setting his sights on contracts for Head Start and day care centers, he told The Jewish Week. "We are still experiencing an imbalance, if not in the voucher area, then in the day care and Head Start area," said Rabbi Milton Balkany, dean of the Bais Yakov of Brooklyn in Borough Park. "I want to correct that imbalance."

Rudy Raps

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The Palestinian Authority's recent seizure of a monastery in the West Bank town of Jericho raises "serious concerns" about its ability to govern fairly, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani charged Tuesday, flanked by Russian Orthodox clerics and Jewish representatives. "Unfortunately, this outlines some of the serious problems with regard to a jurisdiction that doesnít provide equal rights," said the Republican mayor and likely U.S. Senate candidate. "[The PA] isn't a system of law, isn't a democracy, it isn't a lawful regime in that sense."

The Three Faces Of Eva

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As a member of the City Council, Eva Moskowitz has a say in how to spend billions of taxpayer dollars. But she admits to being perplexed about what to do with a certain check for $3,000. The sum did not come from city budget discretionary funds, or from a wealthy campaign donor. The allocation was made by her mother, Anne, who fled Europe during the Holocaust.

King Tributes Roil Senate Race

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The commemoration of Rev. Martin Luther King's legacy brought anything but harmony this week to the U.S. Senate race, as the campaigns of Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton waged a war of words. And again, Jews were in the eye of the storm. Clinton, apparently employing lessons learned from her recent West Bank foray, promptly denounced a controversial remark about Jews made during her visit Monday to the Harlem headquarters of Rev. Al Sharpton.

Like Birds Of A Feather

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Amid speculation that Mayor Rudolph Giuliani would dump his top campaign aide, who faces questions in a state and federal investigation, the mayor did the opposite this week. He named Bruce Teitelbaum as manager of his Senate campaign, if and when he decides to run.

Funeral Giant Targets Orthodox Market

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The Texas-based corporation that dominates the Jewish funeral market here is seeking to appeal to Orthodox clientele by catering to their special needs. Although each of the 14 funeral homes in New York operated by Service Corporation International (SCI) provides (at added cost) optional halachic amenities such as tahara (ritual washing) and an overnight shomer, or guardian of the deceased, SCI has now redesigned one of its homes in Brooklyn to appeal strictly to Orthodox clientele.

Boro Park Drug Death Shocks Area

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The apparent drug overdose of a chasidic teenager in Brooklyn two weeks ago has sent shockwaves through the small but growing community of at-risk Orthodox youth, their families and the network of organizations struggling to aid them. Moshe Feiner, 19, was found dead in a Borough Park apartment on Dec. 15, the victim of a suspected heroin overdose. Sources say Feiner had undergone drug rehabilitation as many as seven times, and was well known to Jewish anti-drug programs.

Linkage Foes Cut Hillary Slack

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Among the accomplishments Hillary Rodham Clinton can cite in her quest for the Senate is having taken a formerly right-wing view and made it mainstream. Peace process advocates who have lobbied against tying U.S. aid with Palestinian efforts to curtail anti-Israel incitement have been silent since the first lady took that position in a meeting with Orthodox leaders last week.

Hillary Takes A Right Turn

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Hillary Rodham Clinton, her support slipping in the Jewish community, veered to the right this week, pointedly calling for restrictions on aid to the Palestinian Authority based on compliance with the Oslo Accords' provisions against inciteful rhetoric.

Discord In The Court

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The leader of an organization representing defrauded chasidic Holocaust survivors lashed out at the World Jewish Congress in open court Monday, blasting the agency for its criticism of fees requested by lawyers in the class-action suit against Swiss banks.
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