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Why Yoni Canít Read ó Or Daven

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Abe Katz, a parent from Queens and a graduate of Bostonís Maimonides school as well as Yeshiva University, writes: ìI am the father of 17-year-old triplets (two boys and a girl)who have always attended a day school so that I feel a little bit like an expertî on Jewish education.

Sunday With The Ark

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For four years Lisa Amzallag's son, Daniel, 11, attended a Hebrew school in Manhattan that met two days a week from 4 to 6 p.m. Two years ago she enrolled him in the Jewish Youth Connection, which meets Sundays for 22 hours. The JYC experience has been much more rewarding for her son, Amzallag says. "To me, there is no comparison between his learning in one year compared to his experience in the afternoon program," she said. "Not only that, his attitude is terrific."

Lanner Case Goes To Police

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It began almost innocently. In the fall of 1995, on her first day of high school, “Marcia” — not her real name — was happy to be at Hillel, a coed yeshiva in Deal, N.J.

Pumped Up Over Pollard

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A major campaign to win the release of Jonathan Pollard after 12 years in prison will be launched for the first time by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The decision to mount the campaign and to write to President Bill Clinton asking for Pollard’s immediate release came after a meeting Monday at which strong support was expressed for the former Navy intelligence analyst convicted of spying for Israel in 1986. He was sentenced to life in prison and Clinton has twice rejected requests for commutation of his sentence.

Orthodox To Press Case On Conversion Bill

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A group of Orthodox Jews will be leaving Saturday night for Israel to meet with the country’s senior political leaders in a bid to convince them to keep the status quo on conversions. The trip was organized within the last three weeks by the newly formed Orthodox organization Am Echad. Between 60 and 70 lay leaders from across the country are expected to participate, according to one of Am Echad’s leaders, Abraham Biderman.

Exclusive: Kosher Ahoy!

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Should you eat it as a sandwich, or break it apart and eat the cookie part separately from the cream? Kosher-observant Jews will now be faced with that classic American dilemma with the historic koshering of the Oreo, billed by maker Nabisco as America’s favorite cookie. It’s all part of a move by the Nabisco Biscuit Co. to make kosher dozens of its cookie and snack products, The Jewish Week has learned.

Grappling With Groping

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Earlier this year in a crowded elevator at a Manhattan high school, a boy reached out and grabbed the buttocks of his girlfriend. “She turned and told him to stop,” recalled Claire Wolinsky, 15, a high school junior. “But he continued to grab her rear end. It was more liked he groped her — it wasn’t just a little pinch. After a while she became more accepting of it because everyone was watching, but she clearly did not want him to do it.”

The Changing Tribe

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In what is being called a “dramatic departure” from historic American Jewish behavior and values, a new study of U.S. Jews has found that a growing number no longer thinks it is important to have mostly Jewish friends, marry Jews, have an attachment to Israel or ensure the welfare of other Jews. The study by sociologist Steven M. Cohen of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem warned that as Jews identify less and less as a group, they are withdrawing from “philanthropy, [Jewish] organizations, peoplehood, Israel and Jewish-gentile interactions.”

Prayers For The Millennium

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When a couple in his congregation told Rabbi Gordon Freeman of their infertility and asked for spiritual help, the rabbi confessed that he had not realized all of the ramifications. “They said they wanted to deal with it in a ritual manner,” recalled the spiritual leader of Congregation B’nai Shalom in Walnut Creek, Calif. “They wanted to know how our tradition could help them deal with it. They had already gone to therapists.”

Breast Cancer Fight Heats Up

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Some novel methods will soon be used by UJA-Federation in the fight against breast cancer. Realizing that Orthodox women with large families will not hang breast self-examination cards in their showers, it will ask mikvehs to hang the cards in their showers. And to entice immigrants from the former Soviet Union to get mammograms, UJA-Federation will offer them free cosmetics.
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