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Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver Fears End Of Tradition

Associate Editor

In a turbulent city, where the winter chill lingers and the mayor, no less, wants you to lose your job, Ariel F. finds serenity as he has for 33 years: He travels down to Hell’s Kitchen from his apartment near the Yonkers line, and when he sees Rebecca he runs his hand through her black hair, gently stroking the curves of her body and back.

The city is more romantic at two or three miles an hour, riding from the present to the past. Michael Datikash/JW

Rivka Haut, 71, Champion For Agunot

Associate Editor

Rivka Haut, considered by many to be the leading grassroots advocate for agunot, or chained women, and a founder of Women at the Wall and the Women’s Tefillah Network, died March 30 of cancer in New York. She was 71.

Phyllis Chesler, left, eulogized Rivka Haut, right. Courtesy of Phyllis Chesler

Phil Baum, AJCongress Leader

‘Carved new and better path’ for defense organization.

Staff Writer

Phil Baum, who joined the American Jewish Congress after college and helped steer the advocacy organization’s growth in membership and influence until he retired as executive director in 2002, died in his sleep on March 27 at his Riverdale home. He was 94.

Seeking The Middle In Middle East Coverage

A New York Times editor defends the paper in meeting with Jewish high school students.

Editor and Publisher

Ethan Bronner, deputy national editor of The New York Times, sought mightily to explain to a group of Jewish high school students this week the challenges, responsibilities and frustrations of covering the Mideast conflict.

He has served three tours as a correspondent in Israel since the 1980s, most recently as Jerusalem bureau chief from 2008 to 2012.

“Journalism is about conflict,” Ethan Bronner told participants of Write On For Israel.

Despite ‘Knockouts,’ Anti-Semitism Down

Overall numbers follow long trend, but rise in city assaults ‘disturbing.’

Staff Writer

The Anti-Defamation League this week reported that anti-Semitic incidents are continuing a decade-long decrease.

The Guardian Angels patrol in Brooklyn after string of “knockout attacks.”  Adam Dickter

Portrait Of A Transplant

After double pneumonia, a Queens art therapist transitions to the receiving end of help while waiting for a new pair of lungs.

Staff Writer

Meredith Farrell, a Queens resident who has spent more than a year living in the land of illness, was feeling low the other day.

She got out her iPad and started drawing. Her finished product was a color sketch of a pair of lungs being kicked.

Meredith Farrell is keeping in shape while waiting for a double lung transplant. Courtesy of Meredith Farrell

The Jewish Week's Enterprise Journalism Fund

Rabbi Andy Bachman To Leave CBE

Staff Writer

Rabbi Andy Bachman, a prominent figure in New York's Jewish community who has served as a Hillel director, pulpit rabbi and founder of a neighborhood Jewish organization, announced this week that he will next year leave his congregation and Jewish communal leadership altogether.

Israel’s Holocaust Restitution Arm Weak

Project HEART losing funding even as initiatives seen bearing fruit for heirs.

Staff Writer

Project HEART, the Israeli government’s ambitious Holocaust-era restitution project designed to compensate survivors and their heirs for property lost during the Holocaust, is in danger of ending or being seriously diminished, The Jewish Week has learned.

Project HEART's director, Robby Brown. Via

Madoff, Five Years Later

No regrets about betraying Jewish clients, despite ‘affinity’ nature of crime.

Associate Editor

Sholem Aleichem, who lost his money in the Odessa stock market, used to say that when you’re rich, people think you’re not only clever but handsome, with a voice like a nightingale.

Madoff: Critics blast his comments in Politico interview. Getty Images
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