Fruit of the Vine

Que Syrah, Syrah

On this column’s fifth anniversary, a look back at American kosher Syrah.
05/17/2010 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Five years ago last week, The Jewish Week published the first installment of this column. At the time, the kosher wine industry was at the peak of a boom, with a new kosher winery opening almost every month. Yet no American newspaper was then regularly writing about kosher wine, except before Passover and Rosh HaShanah. 

A giant of a Syrah: Brobdingnagian Santa Barbara County Syrah.

A Red For Spring

Cabernet Franc is the perfect complement to the season.
04/12/2010 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

After a rather nasty winter, spring (and even a taste of summer) has come to the city. Indeed, temperate weather such as this calls for a truly special wine, and when it comes to springtime drinking, one of my favorite wines has always been Cabernet Franc.

Recanti’s Reserve Cabernet Franc combines several fruit flavors with a bit of fennel and oak.
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