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Periel Aschenbrand

Video blogger Aaron Herman speaks with author Periel Aschenbrand about her new book, "On My Knees:A Memoir." Armed with her wicked wit and a motley cast of characters that includes her hovering Jewish mother, her drama queen uncle, and her neurotic best friend/wing woman.

Director Ziad Doueri "The Attack"

Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Director Ziad Doueiri about his new film "The Attack," a mystery, political thriller and a love story. An Israeli-Arab doctor, devastated by his wife's death in a terrorist attack, uncovers her startling secret.

Formula For Peace

(JTA) Formula 1 drivers and motorcyclists drivers put on a display in Jerusalem, as part of the Jerusalem Formula Peace Road Show, June 14, 2013.

Israeli Music

Gilad Segev - "No One"

Recently seen at New York's Celebrate Israel Parade, Gilad Segev is on tour promotiing his new album, "The Sounds of the Heart," which includes this song.

Film Review

"Action of the highlight of the film," says John Schwartz, while Joan Schwartz finds Jaden Smith's acting somewhat lacking.


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