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Meet The Director and Star of "Girlfriend"

 Aaron Herman interviews Justin Lerner and actor Evan Sneider about their groundbreaking film, "Girlfriend."

An Interview With Director Eve Annenberg

 Aaron Herman discusses "Romeo and Juliet" with director Eve Annenberg.

35 Years Later, A Firsthand Account Of Entebbe

Former israel commando Maxi Katzir recalls the Israeli raid at Entebbe, Uganda that freed hostages help by Palestinian hijackers 35 years ago this week.

The Jewish Week's Comedy Contest

The final round of The Jewish Week's annual Funniest Jew contest.

Jewish Entrepreneurs At CEA Expo



The Jewish Week's Aaron Herman attends the CEA Line Show in NYC and speaks with David Merel, CEO of Merel Technologies and Birthright I

Simcha and Gorfinkel: "Members Of The Tribe"

A hilarious take on observant and secular Jews who are cut from the same cloth, created by "Everything Is Relative" cartoonist Jordan Gorfinkel and musician Sean Altman.