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A Visit To Jerusalem House

So you finished your Israel program and looking for a place to stay and continue your Israel adventure? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Rabbi Ben Parker, Director of the Jerusalem House about how young adults can further explore their Jewish heritage


Interview With Lavie Margolin

How do your harness the power of social media when looking for a job? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Lavie Margolin about job searching and his new book "From Linked Out to LinkedIn."

From Linked Out to LinkedIn: Unlocking the power for career success in 2013


Beit Shemesh Flash Mob

Here's a look back at how women in the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh reacted to acts of sexism by ultra-Orthodox men earlier this year.

Shabbos Cooking

How do you make the perfect meatball? Video blogger Aaron Herman shows you in his latest video.

Eight Days Of Chanukah Videos: Day 7

Jewish hip-hop artist Ari Lesser notes that Chanukah just aint what it used to be and invites us to "learn what it meant to be a Maccabee."


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