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Finding Common Ground

Council members bring Jewish and African American teens together for lunch at City Hall.

Tribeca Film Festival

Video blogger Aaron Herman attended the Tribeca Film Festival and spoke with
the directors and cast of the new Israeli revenge film "Big Bad Wolves" What would you do if A vigilante cop and a vengeful father capture and interrogate an accused serial killer. Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado's brutal follow-up to "Rabies" (TFF 2011) examines a horror that most would not want to imagine: what would you do if someone hurt the one you loved most?

Just For Laughs

Each week, Jewishness.com and The New York Jewish Week, share with their viewers, some of America's funniest Jewish jokes. If you have some great Jewish jokes you'd like to tell, we would love to videotape you. Contact linda@jewishness.com for more information.

Author Georgina Rose On Finding "The One"

The Jewish Week's Heather Robinson interviews Dr. Georgina Rose Haden, MD, author of "Are You Ready For The One?: A Career Woman's Guide To Finding Your Man."

'Beliebergate': Young Professionals React

How did you react when you heard Justin Bieber visited Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam and wrote a self-aggrandizing message in the guestbook? It said "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber." Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with young Jewish professionals about their reactions to Justin's actions. 

Jewish Rap

Kosha Dillz featuring mojo Hanna in "All These Years" 

From the EP Gina and The Garage Sale produced by Shuko and Fonty

Micha Feldmann Reflects on Operation Solomon

Did you know that Operation Solomon brought 14,310 Ethiopians in a single day to Israel? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Micha Feldmann chief architect of Operation Solomon about the operation, Ethiopians situation in Israel today and about Yityish Aynaw the first Ethiopian Israeli to win Miss Israel.

Director Janet Tobias and Cave Explorer Chris Nicola

Aaron Herman spoke with Director Janet Tobias and Caver Chris Nicola of No Place On Earth.

 No Place On Earth is a documentary that plays like a feature film, bringing to life fear, bravery and youthful adventure. Artfully directed re-enactments help visualize the incomparable existences above and below ground; these scenes are narrated by actors whose script comes from Esther Stermer's memoir We Fight to Survive and writing of other survivors.</p>

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