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Slingshot: Innovation FWD

What does innovation look like in the Jewish community? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Will Schneider, Director of Slingshot about harnessing Jewish innovation.

Holocaust Artifacts

How do museums get Holocaust artifacts? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Noam Gitin, guide at Yad Vashem about artifacts and education.

Drake's SNL Bar Mitzvah Flashback

We knew Canada-born rap star Drake was Jewish, but he went full-blown MOT during his turn as host of Saturday Night Live this weekend, offering a comic look at how his African American and Jewish relatives came together to celebrate his bar mitzvah. 

Please see our Culture View blog post about Drake's earlier "HYFR" bar mitzvah-themed video.

Augmented Reality Jewish Experiences

How do you create an augmented reality for Jewish experiences? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Guy Monsonego, CEO of Go Attractions an Israeli start up specializing in ramification and cost-effective augmented reality experiences.

Studio JW with Simon Deng

The Jewish Week's Heather Robinson interviews Simon Deng, escaped slave, human rights activist, and Christian Zionist, about his work on behalf of Southern Sudan and Israel, the history of alliance between his people and Israel, and his thoughts on the legacy of Nelson Mandela and Ariel Sharon.

Tu B'Shevat: A Treehugger's Rap by Ari Lesser

In honor of the Jewish new year for trees,  (Jan. 16), our favorite frum hip-hop performer Ari Lesser tells us why he wishes he was one: "Beneath the crust my roots will lie/ My limbs extending to the sky/ Reaching high up toward the sun/ Praising the Almighty One."

Special Needs Israel Experience

How do you create a meaningful Israel experience for young adults with special needs? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Covenant Award winner Howard Blas, Director of the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in New England, Tali Cohen, Director of Tikvah Vocational Services and participants about their unique Israel experience.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Heather Robinson of The Jewish Week and NYBlueprint speaks to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach about Iran's nuclear program, Miley Cyrus, attention vs. interest, fear of intimacy, sexy rabbis and more. Too much information? You decide.

City Dance Jerusalem

City Dance Jerusalem is a unique video dance project that brings modern dance out of performance halls and into the streets, creating a meeting point between art and everyday life in the open urban public spaces


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