An occasional feature from Leah Hakimian, a matchmaker and marriage expert, who finds the best "how we met" stories.

How David Met Lisa

Neurotic Jews who share chemistry, a birthday and 'hair solidarity' connect despite starkly different careers.

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“We’re both neurotic Jews with roots in the New York area,” says David Jacobsen. “We share the same birthday, adds Lisa Schwartz.  “And we have the same hair,” continues David.  “We have hair solidarity.”  According to the matching algorithm of an online dating service, David and Lisa were compatible.

Lisa Schwartz and David Jacobsen

How Michal Met Amir

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In her classroom, Michal makes the rules and sets the example. But at a speed dating event, she evaded the guidelines and joined a workshop for younger women. The move changed her life.

At age 30, Michal Levi had already spent a decade on the dating circuit. She was on various mailing lists and received an email about speed dating – done differently. The program was called Hamifgashim (translation: meetings). “I wasn’t really interested,” recalls Michal. A married friend encouraged her to register.

Michal Levi and Joseph Maimon, married June 4, 2012.

How Yeshai Met Lital

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 Lital Mosan happened to be in the right place to find her future husband. All she had to do was go  to work every day.

Lital was working in the mayor's office at the Jerusalem City Hall. For months, she would enter the pretty stone municipal complex and greet the security guards on duty. It was just “hello, hello” each time. Security guards – many of them young and unmarried – are omnipresent in Jerusalem.  They are generally seen but not often noticed.

Lital Mosan and Yeshai Gordon, married May 22nd, 2013.

How Gil Met Elisheva

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A 50-year-old bachelor chooses to marry a widow with seven children. “It’s like I was bungee jumping,” says Gil Efrati. “And the Almighty himself was pushing me along.”

Elisheva Chai believed she’d always be a widow. “I never thought I’d reach this day of a second marriage.” In December 2009, her first husband, Rabbi Meir Avshalom Chai, was murdered as he was driving to their home in Shavei Shomron, a religious Zionist settlement about 11 miles northwest of Nablus.

Elisheva and Gil Efrati

How Jeremy Met Wendy

A trip to Israel created 'sparks' for St. Louis couple as they were drawn to the holy land, and each other.

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The trip was about kesher (connection) – people meeting people. But it came as a surprise when Wendy Rosenblum and Jeremy Lieb discovered each other – romantically.  They knew each other before the trip. They were colleagues in the St. Louis Jewish Federation. Wendy was assistant director of development, and Jeremy was a development associate.

“I got lucky when they asked me to lead this trip,” says Wendy, a local St. Louisan. “Another person had the assignment but she had to cancel. Though I had just 10 days to prepare, I was thrilled to step in. I had been to Israel eight times before, but I really wanted to lead the Rubin Israel Experience.”

Federation philanthropists played cupid for Wendy Rosenblum and Jeremy Lieb.

How Assaf Met Anat

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There was an age difference of 20 years. When Anat Keinan met Assaf Torati, she was 48, and he was 28. That was in Ra'anana, Israel in 2001. He went for a haircut and met Anat, who was the manager of the salon. “The first time he came in, we started talking,” recalls Anat. “He kept coming and we kept talking. I thought he was coming to flirt with my daughter, who was co-manager.” But Assaf thought differently.

Anat and Assaf

How Noah Met Amy

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The odds were not in their favor. It is highly unlikely that two old friends would just bump into each other on a subway platform in Manhattan. 

Noah Borenstein and Amy Heller

How Rotem Met Shelly

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It was no ordinary marriage proposal. Rotem Langer is a 31-year-old veteran of the Israeli army whose speech was affected by his injuries. “Sometimes I forget words,” says Rotem. “I didn’t want that to happen when I proposed to Shelly.”

Shelly and Rotem: He proposed by text message.

How Tal Met Chen


An Israeli woman doesn’t have to frequent bars around an army base to meet a soldier. Instead, they meet naturally, since both men and women are drafted into army service.  Just ask Chen.

Tal and Chen Tutnauer, married on May 10, 2012.

How Linda Met Itamar


"I didn’t know anyone invited to my friend’s wedding, and wondered where they’d seat me,” recalls Linda Hakim. 

Linda Hakim and Itamar Hakakian were married August 21, 2011.
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