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The Jewish Week Interviews Congressional Candidate Reshma Saujani

Adam Dickter interviews congressional candidate Reshma Saujani, who is challenging Rep. Carolyn Maloney of the East Side in September's Democratic primary.

Koogle It

Editorial Intern

Search for “beef” and you’ll find listings for two restaurants and four butchers. Search for “bacon” and you’ll get no results.
Doesn’t sound like Google? It’s not.

The Giving of the Torah

Local synagogues’ scroll donations enhance worship for Ethiopian Israelis and IDF members.

Editorial Intern

Torah scrolls from the New York area are writing new chapters in the lives of Israeli soldiers and of a struggling Ethiopian congregation in the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh.
From the National Council of Young Israel (NCYI), which has donated dozens of Torah scrolls over the years, to the East Midwood Jewish Center, which made its maiden Torah run two weeks ago, this is the summer of the celebratory dance with Torah held high, a trans-Atlantic act of kindness, many times over.

Members of the East Midwood Jewish Center with members of Congregation Be’er Avraham, an Ethiopian synagogue in Beit Shemesh.

Exercising Their Goodness

Two bat mitzvah projects hit close to home for a couple of local teens, and help kids here and in Israel.

Editorial Intern

He was a distant cousin — literally; he 6,000 miles away in Israel, she on the Upper East Side.
But Katy Mayerson, 13, had grown close to Noam Mayerson over her many trips to Israel to see family.
“I really, really liked him and everybody liked him,” Katy said of her cousin. “I don’t know one person who didn’t — he was really smart and nice and loving, and there wasn’t really any bad aspect about him.”

Katy Mayerson was able to see her bat mitzvah project come to life.

'Main Street USA,' Just Across the River

The Jews of Roosevelt Island like the
small-town feel of their outpost.

Editorial Intern

Talk about a Jewish diaspora.
Cut off from the Manhattan mainland and its very Jewish heartbeat, the Jews of Roosevelt Island may be the least-known Jewish community in the area.
Which is OK by them.

Rabbi Zalman and Nechama Duchman and their children. The Chabad emissaries settled in Roosevelt Island four years ago.

Now We Get to Choose

NY Poised to play big role in 2008 primaries

Washington Correspondent
Suddenly, New York — and its large Jewish population — could matter more than ever before for both parties’ presidential primary races. Sen. Hillary Clinton’s poll- and pundit-defying victory over Sen. Barack Obama in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary leaves her party’s nominee to be decided in the mega ballot of 22 states that will go to the polls on Feb. 5, known as Super-Duper Tuesday. New York, one of the largest states, with 281 delegates, is among the richest prizes of that day.

Israel Parade Has Fewer Delays, And Marchers

Staff Writers
Stung by the delays that plagued last year’s Salute to Israel Parade — many groups were more than two hours late in marching — organizers this year hired a professional production company that kept the parade in proper step. “It made a difference — there were a lot more happy people and the weather was idyllic,” said Rabbi Susie Moskowitz, associate rabbi of Temple Beth Torah in Melville, L.I., as she marched under sunny skies up Fifth Avenue from 57th Street to 79th Street.
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