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Andrew Tabler on Syrian Secularism

Syrian Secularism? Analyst Andrew Tabler discusses the complex relations between the craftily secular Syrian state and its Sunni Muslim majority.

Hope or Despair in the Arab World?

Neil MacFarquhar of the New York Times discusses his new book and responds to Jacques Berlinerblau's suggestion that the future does not look particularly bright.

Interview with French political scientist Frédéric Encel

 French political scientist Frédéric Encel speaks about the complex triangulation between Israel, Iran and the Arab world, and a pragmatic shift in French Middle Eastern foreign policy.

Aleksander Kwaśniewski, former president of Poland

Kwasniewski discusses religion and politics in Poland, Polish-Jewish relations today and the Holocaust with Jacques Berlinerblau, director of the Program for Jewish Civilization at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Ross Douthat on Public Discussion of Religion

 New York Times Op-ed writer talks to Jacques Berlinerblau about Tiger Woods, Brit Hume and the importance of discussing religion in the American public sphere.

Fathali Moghaddam on Suicide Bombers

Fathali Moghaddam, a Georgetown University psychologist, discusses the psychology of suicide bombers with Jacques Berlinerblau, director of Georgetown's Program for Jewish Civilization

Daniel Bymen on Iran, Israeli and US options

Georgetown expert discusses Iran nuclear threat, U.S. and Israel policy options

Daniel Bymen is director Georgetown University's Center for Peace and Security Studies and an expert on counterterrorism and Middle East security.  He is interviewed by Jacques Berlinerblau, Director of  the Program for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.


Faith Complex: Michael Eric Dyson on "White Panic" Part 1

Berkleycenter — November 18, 2009 — "I think there's a real sense that, yes, there's tremendous hope and possibility but there's also the reality and specter or race."

In this episode of Faith Complex, University Professor Michael Eric Dyson discusses how race plays a part in understanding the challenges facing the Obama administration. Dr. Dyson also discusses Obama's theology and the importance of Reverend Jeremiah Wright in influencing many of Obama's beliefs.

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