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From bungalow baseball to the yeshiva basketball league, there are plenty of all-Jewish sports teams around, but it's hard to imagine taking MOT-only to the extreme of  London's Maccabi Southern Football  League, who actually went on a hunt to root out the goyim when one team snuck in a few ringers.

The Incident At Irvine: When Does An Obnoxious Protest Become Criminal?

Misdemeanor charges have been filed against 11 members of a Muslim student group who disrupted a speech by Israel's U.S. ambassador at the University of California at Irvine last February. The defendants face six months in jail, probation or community service if convicted of one count each of conspiracy to disturb a meeting and one count each of disturbing the meeting. This will be an interesting case that will explore the legal line between the right to protest and an act of coordinated, criminal disruption of a lawful assembly.

Feeling Christina's Pain

Ever hear the old joke about the Jewish mother who watches her son marching out of formation in a parade, and asks the person next to her "Why are all those other boys going the wrong way?"

We should adopt some of that spirit after Christina Aguilera's, er, creative rendition of our national anthem at the Super Bowl. Maybe we've been singing it wrong all these years. I mean, the song is hundreds of years old. And what about creative interpretation?

For One More Day

The afternoon went on for hours, or at least it seemed that way. I met my mother in Manhattan for a long overdue lunch. We shared memories, stories and bad jokes over Chinese food, including egg rolls that reminded me of the days she used to wheel me in a stroller down 86th Street in Bensonhurst and stop at the Chinese place there, before we were kosher.

Friday Follies: Haredi Teen Marriage, No More Joe-Mentum and "Tony Bagels"

The latest in what seems like a stream of bad ideas coming from Israeli rabbis is a proposed bill in the Knesset that would lower the marriage age there to 15. It’s hard to decide what to be flabbergasted about more: the notion that kids that age are ready to handle marriage or the rationale behind it, which, according to an article in Ynet, is to get young Orthodox women out of the household and earning their ow

Refuah Shelemah, Steve Jobs

It's fair to say that Steve Jobs has probably affected my life, like those of millions of others, more than any corporate executive in the world.  I used a Mac Plus to put out my college newspaper almost 25 years ago. A Mac Classic was my first home computer. An iPod keeps me company during my commute to work. Every computer in our office is now a Mac. There is likely an iPhone in my immediate future, now that it's coming to Verizon.

Congress Has Its Own Back, City Council Gets Tough, Bibi's Paycheck

It's good to know that when shocking violence takes its toll our representatives in Washington will quickly step up to the plate. Within days of the Arizona shooting, our own Rep. Pete King of Long Island proposed a bill that would ban guns within 1,000 feet of federal officials. Next up was Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert with his bill allowing members of Congress to pack their own guns. Either bill could be called Gabby's Law since the congresswoman, fortunately recovering, is not only a victim of violence but a gun enthusiast herself.

Guns, Palin And The 'Blood Libel'

On CNN, as I write this, the discussion between the anchor and New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg is about whether the Arizona shooter might have shot less people "if he had used a different type of gun." There is pecious little discussion that I have seen about what might have transpired if, somehow, the culprit had no gun at all.

Putting The Fun In Dysfunctional

Should we blame the Bundys, or the Bradys? Or maybe it was the Cleavers.

Spy Birds, Winter Of Bloomberg's Discontent, And Guess Who's Coming To The Shabbaton?

Hopefully there is a grassroots movement afoot, on the scale of the effort to free Jonathan Pollard, on behalf of the unnamed  vulture caged by the Saudis on charges -- trumped up, Israel says -- of spying for the Mossad.

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