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Silver Linings

My iPod will be collecting dust over the next year, and my car radio is set to an all-news station. No music while I'm saying kaddish for my mother, who passed away last week after a long illness. But I can't control what they do at my bank, and when I stopped in the other day, Elton John's "Circle of Life," with its time-appropriate lyrics, quickly ensconced itself in my brain (the kids today call it an earworm).

Purim In Brooklyn

Spending Purim in my lovely Long Island suburb, which has a substantial Jewish community was a treat, with the usual sights of grownups in crazy hats or wigs circumnavigating the town in their minivans as costumed kids deliver m'shloah manot like some kind of Judaicized, high-fructose United Parcel Service.

Friday Follies: Strangers Among Us

This will be the last time you can read my blog for free on this site. Starting next week I’m putting up a pay wall. The first 20 characters of each blog post will be free, with a $35 subscription required after that. If the Times can do it, why can’t I? I don’t have my own Times Square tower funded by tax breaks like they do, though I do have a Lego tower in my basement built partially with the help of Toys R Us Rewards.

Around The Jewish World: The Sheen Family Tree, Tefillin On A Plane, TribeFest Numbers

Earlier this month I reported the news of Charlie Sheen’s jaw-dropping “I can’t be an anti-Semite, I’m Jewish” announcement. Given the astonishing number of people in Hollywood with Jewish lineage, I took Chaz at face value.

Leaving Las Vegas

 It wouldn't be a trip to Vegas without a reflective look back on the morning after.

Live From TribeFest 3: Obama and the Jews

Trying to keep up with the sessions here at TribeFest can make your head spin, and it has proven difficult to pop in and out of the breakaway groups as I planned. The session on Obama and the Jewish vote seemed a pretty good one for extensive coverage, given the intensity of feelings Jews seem to have for or against the president. It would have been great to get some sense of the political orientation of the people in the room and how they viewed the administration's approach to the peace process.

"No Team Like The Jewish Community:" Live from TribeFest 2

No down time here at TribeFest even at lunch, and as we nosh on tuna, turkey or vegetarian wraps, it's all about Jews and football; two topics everyone knows are joined at the hip.

Live From TribeFest

I'm sitting in a ballroom at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, where more than 1,100 young Jews from across North America have gathered for three days of networking, engagement and fun.

The idea, as a I reported last week, is to reach people in their 20s, 30s and 40s in a new way, rather than just forming junior fundraising groups, and make it cool to not only be Jewish but to do Jewish, taking a role in the course of their communities.

Friday Follies: Charlie Sheen, Jewish. Who Knew?


When you’re on the Jewish beat, it’s always a treat when the celebrity story everyone is consumed with across the country or globe turns out to have the coveted Jewish Angle.

The Oscars? Forget about it. Even the WASPiest movie ever made, "The King's Speech," had a Jewish writer. Almost anything Hollywood related has some Jewish angle. As Adam Sandler sang, “So many Jews are in the show biz; Tom Cruise isn’t Jewish, but I hear his agent is.”

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