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UPDATE: Why Are Rabbis Less Strict On Smoking Than Mike Bloomberg?

5/31- This JTA item caught my eye given the heavy response to my blog post on smoking:

Israeli men and women better think twice before they light up -- the government has established a separate Health Ministry unit devoted to combating the dangers of smoking.

The End Of The World As We Know It?

It's a good thing the world didn't end on Saturday, since I was holding out hope for good weather on Sunday and, for the first time in months I don't have any plans.

On the bright side, I wouldn't have to hear Donald Trump massage his ego on TV anymore or hear about what Dominique Strauss-Kahn had for breakfast, as Channel 4 actually reported last Friday. 

Dear Lars Von Trier

 Dear Mr. Von Trier;

Despite your three decades of making films, I have to confess that I never heard of you before this week and have never seen any of your work, which includes "The Orchid Gardener, "Dancer In The Dark" and the upcoming "Melancholia."

It also includes "The Idiots."

Are Guns The Answer?

It's been a long time since the phrase "every Jew a .22" resonated at JDL protests. But as it becomes apparent that people around the world, and in New York in particular, seem to be increasingly targeting Jews with a frightening fervor, as evidenced by the arrests this week of two alleged homegrown "lone wolf" terrorists, it's likely that at least in some quarters more Jews will argue for taking up arms.

Gibson's Golem, Hiding Hillary

I know Mel Gibson has become easy blog fodder, here and elsewhere, but I can’t help but make one observation since the vast majority of Jews I know seem unwilling to accept his apology for his anti-Semitic tirade of 2006 and his portryal of Jews in “Passion of the Christ.” Since he hasn’t worked much lately, there was a lot riding on his latest film with Jodie Foster, “The Beaver,” a depressing

Kaddish For Dummies

One thing that takes some of the sting out of saying the Mourner’s Kaddish is the brotherhood you encounter at shul. No matter where I daven, people can always sense I’m a rookie, even though -- if I may say so myself -- I read aloud rather quickly and my pronunciation is fairly decent.

Validating The Death Penalty

It's unclear if there was ever a serious effort to capture Osama Bin Laden and bring him to trial rather than kill him. The precision Navy Seal operation may have been intended, as an alternative to carpet-bombing bin Laden's lair, to make sure the al Qaeda leader was dead while avoiding collateral noncombatant damage. Or it could have been an attempt to bring in the world's most wanted terrorist.

Good Yom Tov, Senator

It’s strange to see a public official out of context, just going about his or her life. I’m used to seeing Sen. Joseph Lieberman campaigning, doing interviews on TV or delivering policy speeches. And so it was fascinating to see him getting an aliyah in shul, doting on his grandchildren, sitting at a seder and mingling at kiddush, all sans entourage or news cameras, when he and I wound up at the same hotel for Passover.

A Jews for Palin Shabbaton

A group of Jewish fans of Sarah Palin has come under fire for supporting a pro-life event featuring the former Alaska governor and presidential wannabe.

Some 50 people will be holding a “Jews for Sarah” shabbaton in Bethesda in conjunction with Heroic Media, an anti-abortion group. The April 29-30th Shabbaton will feature glatt kosher meals for $650 per person.

Bibi's Bieber Blunder

Some pop singers these days are caving in to pressure to join the BDS movement and boycott Israel, either out of solidarity with the Palestinians or because of a cold calculation that the show will hurt their public image and bottom line.

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