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Julia Adolphe, 25

Special To The Jewish Week

Making opera trendy to a younger generation.

Can opera sing, so to speak, to  young Jews?


Rami Matan Even-Esh, a.k.a. Kosha Dillz, 31


Building bridges with Jewish rap.

He hangs out with hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion) and Rick Ross, but also proudly sports a yarmulke and Star of David necklace.

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Alison Klayman, filmmaker, Chinese speaker

“Fusing the world of rap and Judaism is something I’ve always done. My whole career is about being a Jewish, pro-Israel rapper.”
-- Rami Matan Even-Esh, a.k.a. Kosha Dillz, 31

Daniel Simkin, 22

Staff Writer

DanielSimkin.com, @simkindaniel
Giving hope to cancer patients.

In the hospital for frequent checkups after surviving childhood cancer in his native Venezuela, Daniel Simkin found himself answering questions from other young patients — Why me? Will I ever be healthy? Will my hair grow back?


Caroline Loevner, 32

Staff Writer

With ‘pet partner,’ gladdens the infirm.

Four years ago, when Caroline Loevner brought Beau, her newly acquired Siberian Husky, to the vet, she was told that the dog had an unusually friendly temperament for his breed.

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Josh Lipowsky, 31, kosher bachelor, media

"It changes the energy in the room."
-- Caroline Loevner, 32

Amram Altzman, 17

Staff Writer

Breaking old taboos.

First, Amram Altzman, 17, realized he was gay. His parents and three younger brothers “accepted and embraced” him, but he couldn’t really be his whole self at the prestigious Modern Orthodox Ramaz School, because almost none of his peers even knew what it meant to be gay.

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Amram Altzman, social justice, LGBTQ“Nobody knew anybody who was out of the closet. It was only after I came out of the closet that the silence really hit me.”
-- Amram Altzman, 17

Molly Roberts, 14


@bymollyroberts, jewelrybymollyroberts.com
Finding the silver lining.

Molly Roberts began making jewelry at summer camp when she was 8. “It was always my favorite activity. I would choose it again and again.” Since then, she has used her training to raise over $18,000 for Crohn’s Disease research.

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Alison Klayman, filmmaker, Chinese speaker

“Having Crohn’s disease taught me how to find the silver lining in situations. My mom is definitely my role model.”
-- Molly Roberts, 14

Michael Littenberg-Brown, 30, and Melissa Jane Kronfeld, 30

Contributing editor / blueprint editor

Littenberg-Brown: Founder/President, Save a Child’s Heart’s (SACH) Young Leadership

Kronfeld: Vice President, SACH Young Leadership
Big hearts for little people.

Michael Littenberg-Brown is a staunch Democrat, and Melissa Jane Kronfeld is an avowed Republican. But when it comes to supporting Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), a charity that enables Israeli doctors to perform life-saving heart surgeries, the friends stand united.


Loren Galler Rabinowitz, 27

Contributing editor / Blueprint Editor

Holocaust activist on skates.

Loren Galler Rabinowitz makes it look so easy.

Rabinowitz, a third-year medical student at Columbia University, is also a classical pianist, a champion ice dancer, a public speaker, and a poet.

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Loren Galler Rabinowitz, Miss Massachusetts, medical student

“When you see so many people, and the stories are sad, it’s very important to retain your humanity. A pat on the shoulder, asking about someone’s kids — it can go a long way.”
-- Loren Galler Rabinowitz, 27

Jason Lieberman, 34


Disabilities advocate.

Born prematurely, Jason Lieberman probably didn’t get enough oxygen during his birth. Brain cells that control movement and his lower limbs died. At 11 months, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.


Josh Lipowsky, 31

Assistant Managing Editor/Online Editor

@TheBigLipowsky, thekosher
The kosher bachelor.

When Josh Lipowsky got tired of going to the Upper West Side for Jewish singles events, he began to organize events closer to his Northern New Jersey home.

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Josh Lipowsky, 31, kosher bachelor, media

“The husband said ‘we weren’t sure what to expect from a guy who lives on his own and works. My wife ate before she came and now she is sorry.’”
-- Josh Lipowsky, 31

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