36 Under 36

Crossing the Cultural Divide: Mikaela Gerwin


Despite living in New York City for most of her life, Mikaela Gerwin came to realize that she had never had a meaningful conversation with a non-Jew. “I live between the secular and Jewish worlds, and sometimes these can be hard to reconcile.”

Mikaela Gerwin, 18

Mommy to the Rescue: Rebecca Fischer


Bombarded by news of tragedies on a daily basis, most of us tune out. But for Rebecca Fischer, 33, the images from the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting could not be forgotten.

“My colleague at the time had a son in the school, and our office administrator sent word out about what had happened even before it hit the news,” remembers Fischer, who was working as a lawyer in Manhattan

Rebecca Fischer, 33

An Introduction: The Face Of Things To Come

Managing Editor

The folks at the Pew Research Center likely didn’t poll these guys.
Last fall’s much-wept-over Pew survey of American Jewry revealed a community, especially the under-40 set, losing its moorings. Consider this, our seventh annual 36 Under 36 section, the minority report.

36 Under 36 2014

Three Dozen Millennials And Gen-Xers Reinventing The Jewish Community.

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36 Under 36 2014

No Kid Gloves: Anne Lieberman

Contributing Editor

Anne Lieberman’s a fighter — but only for the good.


‘Aggressive Comfort’ for the Terminally Ill: Yelena Zatulovsky

Staff Writer

Yelena Zatulovsky says she comes from a typical Soviet émigré background.

A native of Kiev, and part of a family that left Ukraine for Canada in the 1980s because of religious persecution, she was raised with culture. “Music was a big part; I loved music,” she says.

Yelena Zatulovsky

Cure for Cancer: Gleneara Bates

Staff Writer

First, Gleneara Bates thought she’d become a senator. She liked the idea of “arguing” on the floor of Congress. She studied political science and economics in college, and she got a law degree. Then, she went into social work here and in her native Arizona, working with children, and disseminating Sexual Health Care information to foster care agencies. “You’re working with a vulnerable population.”

Gleneara Bates

Fighting for the Jewish Soul: Yuri Foreman

Contributing Editor

For Yuri Foreman, boxing, like Judaism, is about sparking one’s inner fire.

Yuri Forman

Roger Zakheim, 35

Assistant Managing Editor/Online Editor

The best offense is a good defense.

When Roger Zakheim was growing up in Silver Spring, Md., the talk around the dinner table was about the defense budget and foreign affairs — not surprising given that his father, Dov Zakheim, was an adjunct faculty member at the National War College as well as a defense department official, whose titles included undersecretary of defense for planning and resources in the second Reagan administration. He also served as an adviser during the 2000 campaign of George W. Bush.

Roger Zakheim, 35 -- Politics -- Believes the best offense is a good defense.
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