36 Under 36

Instituting A More Inclusive Judaism: Eva Stern, 33


As a baby, Stern was given four baby naming ceremonies with traditions incorporated from the Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Orthodox movements.

Eva Stern

Cancer Survivor, Cancer Researcher: Elana Simon, 19


At age 12, Elana was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. Four years later, as a high school sophomore, she re-confronted her disease — as a medical researcher.

Elana Simon

Making The Shidduch Swipe-able: David Yarus, 28

The inventor of a Jewish dating app also helps Jewish organizations with social media.


David Yarus calls himself a hopeless romantic. “All I’m looking for is peace and love,” he said. Yarus’ penchant for passion explains why he has built a business out of playing Cupid.

David Yarus

Challenging Judaism’s Self-Image: Chava Shervington, 34


As a black Orthodox Jew, Chava Shervington is constantly being noticed. And she finds it exhausting.

Chava Shervington

Using His Voice For Performance, Politics: Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen, 21


In 2012, Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen was the first freshman to win Princeton University's Handel Singing Competition.

Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen

Gearing Up To Help The IDF: Ross Den, 33


Ross Den was born in Ukraine in a family of medical professionals, but didn’t follow in their footsteps.

Ross Den

Orthodox Davening, Gay Pride: Oliver Rosenberg, 29

A poster child for Modern Orthodoxy has founded a congregation for LGBTQ Jews and their allies.


When Oliver Rosenberg came out to his friends and family, he did so on a one-on-one basis. When he spoke about being gay for a communal cause, 800 people, mostly students he didn’t know, showed up to listen.

Oliver Rosenberg

Building Community, And Bridges; Raysh Weiss, 31


Raysh Weiss, who is to be ordained next year at the Jewish Theological Seminary, noticed last spring that Iftar, the evening meal that ends Muslims’ sunup-to-sundown Ramadan fasts, would coincide with the Jewish fast on the 17th of Tammuz. She and a friend, who had a strong relationship with the Malcolm Shabbaz Mosque in Harlem, where Malcolm X had preached, saw an opportunity for collaboration.

Raysh Weiss

Sparking Change, Enabling Others: Sasha Fisher, 26


After she graduated from college, Sasha Fisher booked a one-way ticket to Rwanda. She went with one suitcase, few contacts and no knowledge of the local language.

Sasha Fisher

Fostering Orthodox Feminism: Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, 31


According to Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, attending eight different Jewish day schools before the age of 16 has some unexpected perks.

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg
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