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Rabbi Dov Emerson, Helping Jewish educators master technology.

Associate Editor

Rabbi Dov Emerson, 35

Twitter: @dovemerson

Rabbi Dov Emerson still vividly remembers the day his father brought home Apple’s first-ever Macintosh, and his family gathered around, fascinated to watch “the arrow of the mouse move on an eight-inch screen.”

Rabbi Dov Emerson

Miriam Brosseau, Networked musician/educator.

Associate Editor

Miriam Brosseau, 28

Twitter: @miriamjayne, @stereosinai, http://stereosinai.com, www.thejewisheducationproject.org/,

Miriam Brosseau met her husband, Alan Jay Sufrin, freshman year at the University of Wisconsin, Madison at a campus open-mike night.

Miriam Brosseau

Rabbi Ari Weiss, Teaching Modern Orthodox community about social justice.


Rabbi Ari Weiss, 32

Twitter: @AriWeiss, @uriltzedek

During a lull in a local kosher restaurant’s schedule one day last year, Rabbi Ari Weiss, a frequent customer, approached the owner. Rabbi Weiss, executive director of the Uri L’Tzedek Orthodox social justice organization, suggested that the owner join Uri L’Tzedek’s Tav HaYosher “ethical seal” program.

Rabbi Ari Weiss

Shea Rubenstein, Helping the needy in Marine Park.

Assistant Managing Editor/Online Editor

Shea Rubenstein, 35

Twitter: @SheaRubenstein,

As the Jewish population in Marine Park, Brooklyn, continues to soar, so does the responsibility to look out for the needy in the community.

Shea Rubenstein

Liana Rosenman, Helping young women to overcome eating disorders.

Editorial Intern/ARTS INTERN

Liana Rosenman, 20

Twitter: @theprojectheal

Liana Rosenman was first diagnosed with an eating disorder when she was 12; it had begun, she remembers, around the time she started losing weight for her bat mitzvah.

“People were commenting on how great I looked,” she said. “And then it just kind of spiraled out of control.”

Rosenman would spend the next several years, most of her adolescence, battling on and off with anorexia.

Liana Rosenman

Elie Lowenfeld, Volunteering in a disaster zone.

Assistant Managing Editor/Online Editor

Elie Lowenfeld, 25

Twitter: @jdrcorps
Website: www.jdrcorps.org

Last April, Elie Lowenfeld found himself in Birmingham, Ala., volunteering for recovery work after a devastating tornado.

“I walked into what used to be a neighborhood, but there was nothing left standing,” he said. “There wasn’t a tree or a wall of a house or a telephone pole.”

Elie Lowenfeld

Bryan Lipsky, Partying for medical charities.

Editorial Intern/ARTS INTERN



How can you throw a great party and use it to do a mitzvah? Attorney (by day) Bryan Lipsky has figured out how, through the organization LEB MEDICULS.


Josh Goldstein, Helps teens organize for community outreach and activism.


Josh Goldstein, 17

While most of his peers are principally worried about SATs, Josh Goldstein spends his time planning events that help teens like himself make a difference in their community.

“I connect to Judaism now mostly through community service,” says the 17-year-old J-Teen leader, a junior at the Fieldston School in Riverdale.

Josh Goldstein

Rabbi Boruch B. Bender, Providing emergency services in the Rockaways.


Rabbi Boruch B. Bender, 29


Five years ago, a member of the Far Rockaway Jewish community developed a minor infection. Her condition worsened in a nearby hospital. Rabbi Boruch Bender, a Far Rockaway resident who was teaching in a Brooklyn yeshiva and had earlier considered becoming a physician, used his contacts to arrange a transfer to a hospital in Manhattan.

The patient had surgery; it came too late; she died a few days later.

Rabbi Boruch B. Bender

Yehuda Kurtzer, Elevating the conversation.


Yehuda Kurtzer, 35

Twitter: @YehudaKurtzer

Growing up, Yehuda Kurtzer was accustomed to high-level discussions around the dinner table.

Yehuda Kurtzer
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