'Great In Uniform'

The man who created the IDF's amazing inclusion program writes about how it came to be.

Pope Francis Comes To Israel


The most encouraging aspect of the visit to Israel this weekend of Pope Francis is that such a papal pilgrimage to the Holy Land has become expected, if not routine, in recent years. Francis is the third consecutive pope to make the trip — the first foreign journey of his reign — following John Paul II in 2000 and Benedict XVI in 2009.

Danny Glover Among Protesters Of Documentary’s Screening In Tel Aviv

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 Danny Glover and others featured in a documentary about a 98-year-old Asian-American activist are protesting the film’s screening at a Tel Aviv film festival.

Likud Leader Wants Temple Mount Changes

A Jewish state without control of the sacred site is a 'contradiction,' says Moshe Feiglin.

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Moshe Feiglin is a deputy speaker of Israel’s Knesset, which joined a member of the Likud Party in January 2013. At the last election for his party’s head, he ran second to Benjamin Netanyahu. Feiglin, 51, is also president of Manhigut Yehudit (The 
Jewish Leadership Movement), which is the largest faction inside Likud. During his first year in office, he was the only coalition member to vote to end the Oslo “land for peace” process and to oppose the budget in order to prevent the release of Arab terrorists as part of a deal that restarted Palestinian peace talks. Feiglin was in New York last week. This is an edited transcript.

Moshe Feiglin: “Does just part of Jerusalem belong to Israel?”
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Israel At 66, Blessed And Threatened


This week the Jewish state underwent a unique annual ritual, blending its most solemn and joyous national holidays. Throughout the country Israelis mourned the loss of more than 25,000 soldiers, on Yom HaZikaron this past Monday — and then celebrated the 66th anniversary of statehood on Yom Ha’Atzmaut the very next day. That rhythm represents a striking reminder of the Jewish tradition of balancing opposite emotions and, sometimes, realities — seemingly a requirement in a society that has achieved remarkable social and economic stability while facing existential threats from its enemies.

Israel’s Population Grows To 8.2 Million

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JERUSALEM — Israel’s population increased to nearly 8.2 million, according to figures released just ahead of Israel Independence Day, or Yom Ha’atzmaut.

Actually, J Street Won

The Conference of Presidents has compromised its integrity as a group that truly represents American Jewry.

Jewish Week Online Columnist
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Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.  Sometimes you win, but really lose. And then other times you lose, but really win.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik
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Shooting The ‘Promise’ Of ‘This Place’

Photographer Frederic Brenner’s massive Israel project seeks to see beyond the conflict.

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When photographer Frederic Brenner decided to invite a group of the finest photographers in the world to spend time in Israel and the West Bank to create their own portraits of the place, some were intrigued and others were wary of being used for political gain, or were just not interested enough. But Brenner is a man of huge enthusiasm, persistence and vision, and ultimately convinced 11 men and women to take up his invitation to see a land more complicated than headlines suggest. At the same time, he convinced funders to contribute several millions of dollars. The result is an unprecedented international creative initiative launching this spring.

A young family of shepherds in Brenner’s “Judean Hills." Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery

Upper West Side Celebrates Israel

Three days of programming this week with wide communal cooperation.

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While controversy over participation in the June 1 Celebrate Israel parade continues to heat up, another major program to mark Israel’s 66th birthday in Manhattan happily appears to be a paradigm of unity.

Arts and crafts with Israeli flavor are part of Israel celebration at Upper West Side locations. Courtesy of JCC in Manhattan

Kerry’s ‘Poof’ Moment


The fact that the current Mideast peace talks are over — but for the bickering over who is to blame — is a shame, if not a tragedy. But it is certainly not a surprise. For all of Secretary of State Kerry’s energetic efforts since last summer in trying to revive a comatose situation, the fact remains that while Israel was, and is, prepared to make major compromises for peace, the Palestinian leadership is not.

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