Will Netanyahu Change Coalition?

Experts divided on prospects of talks, but some suggest prime minister may be willing to bring in Kadima.
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If the Palestinians are serious about a peace agreement with Israel, many analysts believe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the desire and ability to deliver it — even if it means having to change his coalition.

“If [Mahmoud] Abbas decides to move forward and do what is doable, he will have a partner in Netanyahu,” said Jonathan Rynhold, a senior lecturer at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said his focus is on security before engaging in peace talks.

U.S.: Direct Israeli-Palestinian Talks 'Very Close'


WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians are "very, very close," a U.S. State Department spokesman said, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is in constant telephone contact with the leaders.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Leaving When Needed Most

The government of Israel will be losing a key and effective diplomat in New York just when it needs her most.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Gabriela Shalev, highly praised for her low-key, thoughtful and compassionate work these last two years, is returning to Israel and her academic life at the end of this month on the eve of what some Israeli officials here are already predicting will be a “Black September” for the Jewish state at the UN.

David Mamet: Before He Was Conservative, He Was Jewish. Discuss.

Now that he is an established potentate of American theater, David Mamet has had no trouble saying what he really thinks.  Jews may remember his 2002 essay in The Forward, where he lambasted Jews for over-sympathizing with Palestinians.  They will probably remember better his 2006 book, "The Wicked Son: Anti-Semitism, Jewish Self-Hatred and the Jews," where he took it further, arguing that liberal Jewish antagonism toward Israel was simple self-hate.

Heightened Talk Of Israel Strike On Iran

Next week? Next spring? Concern over whether U.S. would use force.

Israel must launch a military attack against Iran within days, according to one expert — months, according to others — if it is to prevent Iran from going nuclear.

Former Ambassador John Bolton: Israel should hit quickly.  Getty Images

Israel As A Bridge


Of all the possible places in the world, why Israel? There are many more attractive sites to which God could have led the Jewish people. Surrounding lands are richer in natural resources and more secure from invasion. So why Israel? 

AMIT Students Garner Top Physics Honors

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Three students at the AMIT Junior and Senior High School in Beersheva, Israel, won first, second and fourth place awards at the recent First Step to the Nobel Prize in Physics competition held in Warsaw, Poland. This is the third straight year that an AMIT student from Beersheva captured one of the gold medals in the prestigious competition.

This year’s event brought together teams of high school students from the United States, China and throughout Europe. The students submit projects that are then judged by professors of physics for originally and academic excellence.

Brandman To Give $8 Million To Hebrew U. For Lab

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 JTA — The widow of real estate mogul Saul Brandman said she was giving $8 million to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Joyce Brandman announced Aug. 12 that the donation through the university’s American fund-raising arm in New York will go to build a laboratory research center on the Givat Ram campus. The center will focus on the school’s chemistry, biology, physics and pharmacology programs, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Israel Behind The ‘Inclusion’ Curve

While some educators believe the country’s model for special education is antiquated, parents don’t seem to be clamoring for more mainstreaming.
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Jerusalem — “Inclusion,” the modern term for “mainstreaming,” is the dream of many parents of special needs children. With the right resources, they say, even children with severe disabilities can often sit alongside their “typical” peers and learn in the same classroom.

While some physically disabled Israeli children are benefiting from inclusion, the American model of full inclusion isn’t the norm here, according to educators.

Children with special needs and typically developing kids playing together at Shutaf’s inclusive summer camp in Jerusalem.

Harvard Says It's Not Divesting From Israel


(JTA) — Harvard University said the sale of some of its investments in Israel was not politically motivated and it is not divesting from Israel.

Harvard spokesman John Longbrake told Foreign Policy that the university sold $39 million in stocks in five Israeli companies because Israeli stocks could no longer be considered part of the emerging markets portfolio, where they previously had been held.

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