Israel Sets New Highs In Media Interest

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Israel never suffered from a lack of attention, but in 2002 the Jewish state attracted a surge of public interest surpassing anything in the past decade.
According to a study by the Pew Research Center for the Public and the Press, released at yearís end, Israelís civil war was ìone of the most closely followed international stories in Pewís 16-year history of measuring news attentiveness.î

Israel’s Image Slipping,New Surveys Reveal

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srael is still winning the public relations war against the Palestinians, but is losing ground as the violence continues and more Americans blame both parties, according to the yet-to-be-released findings of a major new effort to track American attitudes toward the Mideast conflict and bolster Israel’s image.

Throw The Bums Out

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When he was president of Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, Avishay Braverman had a vision: Relocate thousands of Jews to the desert to relieve overcrowding in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Now, as a Labor Party Knesset member, he's got another vision, this one for a post-Hezbollah war Israel: Throw the bums out. Saying the recent war "exposed the weakness of our leaders," Braverman recently called for reform of Israel's political system to allow the best and the brightest to enter politics.

Israeli Patent For Cancer Drug

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Three scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel were awarded the patent on a process used in the delivery of the cancer drug Erbitux after a Manhattan federal judge ruled that Aventis and its successor company, ImClone, had copied Weizmann's research and patented it as their own.

The Disengagement Dividend

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Brightened peace prospects are putting smiles on Israel's financial markets. In the wake of Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, investor confidence in Israel is up, sparking such a demand for an Israeli bond offering in Europe last week that Israel increased the size of the bond and reduced the interest rate.

IDF's Low Riders

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Hitch up those trousers, soldier! Male Israeli soldiers hearing that command may just be sloppy. But more and more female Israeli soldiers are deliberately wearing their pants low on their hips to be stylish: and their commanders won't tolerate the immodesty.

Knesset Ponders Draft Constitution

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Shopping malls in Israel would be closed on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays, but public transportation would run and cultural events would be open if the Knesset adopts a draft constitution based on compromises with the major parties in Israel. "We suggest shutting down commerce, industry and shopping malls on the Sabbath," Arye Carmon, president of the Israel Democracy Institute told reporters here Monday. "We would open cultural programs and libraries and movies and restaurants, as well as public transportation in a limited way."

Undiplomatic Memoir?

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Is it a light-hearted tell-all about the inner workings of the Israeli Mission to the United Nations or a gross exaggeration of the facts and a betrayal? Gregory Levey, who for a year-and-a-half was a speechwriter there, insists that his just-released book, “Shut Up, I’m Talking: And Other Diplomacy Lessons I Learned in the Israeli Government” (Free Press), is his honest recollection of what happened.

Israel Fooled On Death Of Al-Dura

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The Palestiniansí first and greatest propaganda coup of the war was the shooting of Muhammed Al-Dura, the boy whose widely seen death in his fatherís arms at the very beginning of the war (Sept. 30, 2000) established the basic Palestinian legend: the heavily armed, trigger-happy Zionists killing the helpless, unarmed Palestinian child.

Saying 'I Do' To Civil Marriage

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It was an opinion from Israel's top judge that American Conservative Jews would have preferred to read in a judicial ruling. But it was enough to put a smile on their faces. "The lack of civil marriage in Israel is a major violation of human rights," Supreme Court president Aharon Barak told more than 30 members of United Synagogue's Project Reconnect, an organization of former United Synagogue Youth members, during a group visit to Israel last week.
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