Arab Knesset Members Challenge Israeli Democracy

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Some Arab members of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, are stepping up their belligerent approach, openly siding with Israel’s enemies. While representing a small minority of Israel’s 1.3 million Arab citizens, their actions could endanger Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.

Knesset member Haneen Zoabi, of the Balad party, was on the Turkish vessel that tried to land in Hamas-ruled Gaza on May 31, seeking to break the Israeli blockade. Earlier that month, six Arab Knesset members traveled to Libya to meet with President Muammar Gaddafi.

Harvard says it’s not divesting from Israel


WASHINGTON (JTA) - Harvard University said the sale of some of its investments in Israel was not politically motivated and it is not divesting from Israel.

Harvard spokesman John Longbrake told Foreign Policy that the university sold $39 million in stocks in five Israeli companies because Israeli stocks could no longer be considered part of the emerging markets portfolio, where they previously had been held.

Shots fired from Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv


(JTA) - Shots reportedly were fired from inside the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv. Israeli media have reported that a Palestinian from Ramallah barricaded himself inside the building Tuesday night with two hostages. He allegedly was threatening to “kill any Jews” who enter, according to Haaretz.

The streets around the embassy have been closed. Embassy staff reportedly have prevented police and medical personnel from entering the building.

Israeli Eyed in U.S. Serial Killings is Arrested


(JTA) -- A man being called a "person of interest' in a series of killings and attacks in three states was arrested as he was about to board a flight to Tel Aviv.

The man, who has been identified in the Israeli media as an Israeli citizen, was arrested Wednesday night in Atlanta, a law enforcement source told the Washington Post.

Nearly all of the attacks, which include at least a dozen non-fatal stabbings and five deaths, involved dark-skinned victims, either black or Latin American.

"Off the Mark" on Rotem Conversion Bill


Gary Rosenblatt does not hesitate to tackle difficult matters, but his latest column about the Rotem Conversion Bill is off the mark.

For more than 15 years, as well as in our several meetings with MK David Rotem, we have emphasized our strong desire to address the issue of the status of olim from the former Soviet Union. There are multiple ways in which the situation could be meaningfully addressed.

Goldberg gets inside Netanyahu's head on question of Iran strike

The Atlantic's Jeff Goldberg has a knack for stories that generate a big buzz in Washington, and he's done it again with “The Point of No Return,” which examines the possibility Israel will unilaterally attack Iran.

For Jews And Arabs, A Focus On Friendship

At photography program, Israeli teens formed close bonds even as they differed sharply over politics, they say in New York visit.

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Neri Danon and Danielle Shimoni, both 17-year-olds from Israel’s north-central region, have spent the past year forming close friendships with Arab youth who, like them, are citizens of the Jewish state. But both expressed pain and confusion last week over the idea that some of their friends don’t regard themselves as Israelis.

Islam Zeidan.

Times ‘Expose’ On West Bank Left Out Half The Story

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Israel’s ideological debates on the existential issues of war and peace are fuelled by non-governmental organizations on all sides. In these intense NGO battles, hundreds of millions in foreign money, including tax-exempt contributions from the United States, as well as more secretive and targeted European government funding, plays a central role. 

Tony Judt: An Appraisal

I remember reading Tony Judt's much maligned essay "Israel: The Alternative" when it was first published, in 2003, and not thinking much of it.  I had known Judt's work since my college days, and even interviewed him at his NYU office for a project I was then working on. But like most, I got to know him through his books and The New York Review of Books, where he published his Israel essay.

A Wise Hold On Lebanon Aid


U.S. military aid serves a variety of purposes. Sometimes – as in the case of Israel – it is intended to help a close ally defend itself; other times, it is meant mostly to keep a bad situation from getting worse.

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