Shooting The ‘Promise’ Of ‘This Place’

Photographer Frederic Brenner’s massive Israel project seeks to see beyond the conflict.

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When photographer Frederic Brenner decided to invite a group of the finest photographers in the world to spend time in Israel and the West Bank to create their own portraits of the place, some were intrigued and others were wary of being used for political gain, or were just not interested enough. But Brenner is a man of huge enthusiasm, persistence and vision, and ultimately convinced 11 men and women to take up his invitation to see a land more complicated than headlines suggest. At the same time, he convinced funders to contribute several millions of dollars. The result is an unprecedented international creative initiative launching this spring.

A young family of shepherds in Brenner’s “Judean Hills." Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery

Upper West Side Celebrates Israel

Three days of programming this week with wide communal cooperation.

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While controversy over participation in the June 1 Celebrate Israel parade continues to heat up, another major program to mark Israel’s 66th birthday in Manhattan happily appears to be a paradigm of unity.

Arts and crafts with Israeli flavor are part of Israel celebration at Upper West Side locations. Courtesy of JCC in Manhattan

Kerry’s ‘Poof’ Moment


The fact that the current Mideast peace talks are over — but for the bickering over who is to blame — is a shame, if not a tragedy. But it is certainly not a surprise. For all of Secretary of State Kerry’s energetic efforts since last summer in trying to revive a comatose situation, the fact remains that while Israel was, and is, prepared to make major compromises for peace, the Palestinian leadership is not.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Special To The Jewish Week

Observant Jews in Israel can’t get no satisfaction.

That was the mantra this week as word spread that the Rolling Stones will make their first-ever appearance in the Jewish state on June 4. The reason for the dissatisfaction: because the Tel Aviv show will begin just a few minutes after the end of Shavuot (Israelis keep one day of Shavuot, not two), which rules out attendance for most of those who observe the holiday.

Everybody must get Stoned: Timing of the Rolling Stones’ Tel Aviv show irks religious Jews. Getty Images

Israel’s Diplomats On Strike


The fact that Israel’s Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem and its 103 consulates around the world are on strike is an embarrassment. Prime Minister Netanyahu had to cancel a planned trip in April to Latin America because of this strike, stemming from diplomats’ protests over employment conditions, including a pay cut. And the planned state visit of Pope Francis in May is in jeopardy, as are any number of other diplomatic projects.

Prisoner Swap Could Be The Last Straw


The Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, already on life support for months, could flatline this weekend. The issue now is not whether the negotiations will collapse, but who will take the primary blame for it.

The Case For Equality For Israel’s Arab Citizens

Special To The Jewish Week

Being a Palestinian Arab citizen in the nation-state of the Jewish people is challenging. Both a sense of justice and of self-interest should lead Israel not to make it any harder for the people who represent some 20 percent of the country’s population.

Martin Raffel

Israel Is The `Jewish State’: Why It Matters

Special To The Jewish Week

The importance of the issue of recognition of Israel as a Jewish State by the PLO lies primarily in the refusal of the Palestinian leadership to agree to that recognition. 

A Jewish Week Forum: Ari Shavit

Ari Shavit, author of "My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel," joined The Jewish Week for conversation on March 6 at Central Synagogue.

‘Jewish State’ Still An Obstacle For Abbas


With the deadline for the Mideast peace talks five weeks away and little visible progress between the Palestinians and Israelis, it looks like the U.S. is more interested in saving face at this point than actually brokering a deal. The short-term goal is to get an agreement on a U.S.-drafted framework paper to allow for further talks.

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