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Making Theater Frum Friendly: Yoni Oppenheim, 33


As the co-founder of 24/6: A Jewish Theater Company, Yoni Oppenheim has been adapting classical theater to address issues unique to the Jewish community since 2010.

Yoni Oppenheim

Instilling Teens With Bukharian Pride: Manashe Khaimov, 27


Many an ancient traveller and merchant took the old Silk Road to China or to the Mediterranean. Ten generations ago, the Khaimov family settled in Central Asia, eventually in the mythical center of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Manashe Khaimov

Babysitting Boss, Budding Philanthropist: Noa Mintz, 15


Some high school students babysit for extra cash. Noa Mintz launched her own babysitting agency.

Noa Mintz

Helping Malawians Help Themselves: Melissa Kushner, 35


Melissa Kushner unexpectedly fell in love with Malawi.

In 2002, between her undergrad years at the University of Pennsylvania and graduate school at NYU, Kushner worked as an intern at the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships, focusing on building connections with the private sector. Her boss at the time had previously worked for UNICEF in Malawi and invited Kushner to accompany her on her next visit.

Melissa Kushner

Kicked Out And Pushing Back: Melanie Goldberg, 23


In 2013, Goldberg was one of four students forced to leave an anti-Israel forum at Brooklyn College because they were holding pro-Israel fact sheets. The experience made her a more vigorous activist, not only for Zionism, but also for other students who feel intimidated on campuses.

Melanie Goldberg

Cultivating Sephardic Pride: Lauren Gibli, 24

This proud Yemenite Jew founded the founded the American Sephardi Foundation's Young Leadership Board.


As a proud Yemenite Jew, Lauren Gibli sees herself as a bridge linking the rituals of her ancestors to future generations.

Lauren Gibli

Supporting Jews In Transition: Lani Santo, 35


When Lani Santo was 13 and living with her Modern Orthodox family in the increasingly black-hat neighborhood of Kew Gardens, her mother came out as gay.

Lani Santo

Rallying Rabbis To A Cause: Joy Friedman, 32


Once voted “most likely to be Sandra Bullock” by her high school class thanks to her involvement in the arts, Joy Friedman shifted her focus to community organizing in 2004, while a student at Carleton College.

Joy Friedman

Fearless Israel Supporter: Jordan Chandler Hirsch, 27


An unabashed defender of Israel, Jordan Chandler Hirsch developed some of his confidence in 2006 when, as an 18-year-old student at Columbia University, he rose to ask visiting Iranian United Nations Ambassador Mohammad Zarif an intentionally prickly question.

Jordan Chandler Hirsch

Jewish Voices Transcending Generations: Johanna Sanders, 23


Growing up in Forest Hills, Queens, surrounded by German-Jewish refugees, Johanna Sanders did not emerge from the typical millennial cocoon. Her accomplishments are just as distinct.

Johanna Sanders
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