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Uber Driver Accused Of Being Nazi

03/22/2016 (All day)

New York —Washington Heights, a community in Upper Manhattan heavily populated by German Jews, including many Holocaust survivors, has recently become a hotbed of controversy due to a new Uber driver in the neighborhood whom residents accuse of being a Nazi.

All-Denominational Prayer Book Published

03/22/2016 (All day)

New York -- A new Sabbath and Holiday prayer book intended for all denominations of Judaism was released this week, the joint effort of scholars from Yeshiva University, Jewish Theological Seminary, Hebrew Union College, and Congregation Shalom al Yisroel, the noted LGBT synagogue.

Steve Harvey To Announce Winner At Republican Convention

03/22/2016 (All day)

Cleveland -- Steve Harvey, the entertainer who made an embarrassing gaffe at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant by accidentally announcing the wrong winner, has been selected to announce the Republican presidential candidate at the party convention here in August.

Miss(ed) Universe: Hey, everybody makes mistakes.

Orthodox Actors Plan Oscars Boycott

03/22/2016 (All day)

Hollywood — The Union of Orthodox Jewish Actors and Entertainers announced yesterday that it plans to boycott the 88th annual Academy Awards ceremony because no Orthodox Jews were nominated for their work in this year’s crop of movies.

The Donald Wins Prominent Jewish Endorsement

03/22/2016 (All day)

New York — Republican candidate Donald Trump gained in the polls this week after receiving a major endorsement from the League of Jewish Voters Who Love to Hear Goyish Candidates Speak Yiddish.

Trump Taps Mussolini As Running Mate

03/22/2016 (All day)

Trumpville, Florida -- Donald Trump announced today that Benito Mussolini, the fascist leader of Italy for two decades during the early 20th century, will be his vice presidential candidate this November.

Brashest teams with fascist: Mussolini led the Black Shirts, Trump seeks the White House. Credit for Trump: Getty Images
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