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Educating With Soul

The head of an education center in Israel tries to get teachers to go beyond simply mastering the course material.

Culture Editor
08/23/2016 (All day)

Aryeh Ben David. Courtesy

Improv Judaism

Reform religious school in Houston incorporates principles of comedy improvisation into its classes. Adam and Eve on their first night, anyone?

Staff Writer
08/23/2016 (All day)

Houston — The Confirmation class at Congregation Jewish Community North, the final year of Jewish education for most of the teens in the Reform temple’s religious school, was on a familiar path early this year. Some text study, some discussion of biblical figures, some Jewish ethics.

Rabbi Jonathan Siger, right, offers instruction on the principles of comedy improv to a participant in a Houston workshop.

Connecting Young People To Jewish Wisdom

Special To The Jewish Week
08/23/2016 (All day)

A huddle of people — some with beards and tallit bags, others with short skirts and cellphones — slapped the bar mitzvah boy on the back, congratulating him on a job well done. As soon as the beards turned away, the cellphones clandestinely slipped the New Jewish Man checks for $180. The boy — let’s call him Matthew — had mumbled his way through a Torah portion (which he did not understand) well enough to become a Jewish young adult in a synagogue he had been visiting twice a week for the past few months.

Leora Eisenberg

Alt Hebrew School Project Hitting Its Stride

Expansion of Jewish Journey Project is sign of ‘customized’ times.

Deputy Managing Editor
08/23/2016 (All day)

Telling Torah stories using Legos and stop motion animation. Making a board game about Israeli history, geography and culture. Writing Torah-themed rock music. Making a documentary about Bukharan Jews in Queens.

Jewish Journey Project offerings include an alternative b’nai mitzvah program. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JJP

Lifelong Learners, On The Road Again

Philomaths have more options than ever these days to combine travel with education.

Travel Writer
08/23/2016 (All day)

Since the early 1990s, Jerry Polizzi of Cleveland has biked through Provence and along the Danube, attended tennis camp in Georgia, sung with choruses in Maine and Québec, hiked across Sicily, visited the ballet and opera in New York City, and canoed through the Florida swamps.

Participants on a Road Scholar trip along Peru’s Inca Trail. Courtesy of Road Scholars

New Developments Inside The Classroom, And Out

Hofstra Hillel goes entrepreneurial; facelift for HUC’s Jerusalem campus; winemaking degree at Hebrew U.

Staff Writer
08/23/2016 (All day)

Entrepreneurship and Ethics at Hofstra

A journalism and global studies major at Hofstra University, Marc Yanniello was looking this year for some training in entrepreneurships to help him develop a business idea for branding health foods.

KIND Healthy Snacks’ Daniel Lubetzky interviewed as part of Hofstra program. Courtesy of Harold Klein

Education (August 2016)

Hofstra Hillel Breeding Entrepreneurs. Alt Hebrew School Project Hitting Its Stride. How To Teach With Soulfulness.

08/23/2016 (All day)
Education (August 2016)

Excerpt From "Present Past" By Ava Kadishson Schieber

08/01/2016 (All day)

Reprinted with permission by Syracuse University Press

Embroidered Memory

Cover of Present Past By Ava Kadishon Schieber

Excerpt From "The Salome Ensemble: Rose Pastor Stokes, Anzia Yezierska, Sonya Levien, and Jetta Goudal."

By Alan Robert Ginsberg

08/01/2016 (All day)

Imagine a grey, windy day in the tiny village of Augustowo in the Russian Pale of Settlement in 1877. A group of Jewish peasants dressed in their ragged best clothing are gathered in a small shul. A bearded rabbi stands at the front where four young men prepare to lift a chuppa, a wedding canopy fashioned from a prayer shawl, on wooden poles.

The Salome Ensemble: Rose Pastor Stokes, Anzia Yezierska, Sonya Levien, & Jetta Goudal Cover. Courtesy Syracuse University Press

Excerpt From "Because Of Eva" By Susan Gordon

08/01/2016 (All day)

Excerpted from Because of Eva

Reprinted with permission of Syracuse University Press

The Blue Numbers

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