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The Year That Was

From Israel to Iowa, Hollywood to Ground Zero, a recap of the top Jewish stories of 2010.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces the construction of a border fence with Egypt to help prevent illegal immigration, saying that illegal immigration is a huge threat to Israel’s economic and social livelihood.

President Barack Obama delivers his first State of the Union address. Many Jewish groups are upset over his lack of specifics on health care and the threat of Iran.

The Year in Jewish Culture

The top 10 moments (in no particular order) of 2010 in arts and letters.

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As the former editor of The New Republic, a liberal magazine, but one with a strong pro-Israel bent, Peter Beinart shocked Jews of all stripes when he published a scathing critique of the organized Jewish community in May in The New York Review of Books. Beinart, 39, argued that groups from AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, to the Anti-Defamation League have failed to make Zionism an attractive ideal for young American Jews, who are mostly liberal.

From The Sidelines To The Front Lines

The year in Israel-diaspora relations.

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2010 marked a turning point in the relationship between diaspora Jewry and Israel. Although philanthropy and tourism remain essential components of that relationship, diaspora Jews signaled that unquestioning support could no longer be taken for granted and demanded, as never before, a voice in shaping the values of the Jewish state.

Knesset member David Rotem, left, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Year Of Fear

What Park51 and the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding say about the Jewish community.

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 While I would not necessarily have labeled it as such, when the religion writers of America declared that Park51, the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque,” was the biggest religion story of the year, it’s hard to ignore — especially given that we are in New York and the fact that this story certainly got the attention of lots of Jews from across the ideological and theological spectrum. And yet, the building itself is not a big deal.

Groom Marc Mezvinsky and bride Chelsea Clinton’s with the bride’s parents. getty images

A Year In Review 2010

Past as prologue: the top issues of 2010 set the stage for 2011.

Reports from an eventful year

Adventure Camp Head: From Equities To Eco

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A decade ago, Rabbi Eliav Bock spent long days on the trading floors of Lower Manhattan. Now, a typical day is more likely to include rock climbing, horseback riding and mountain biking in the Colorado Rockies. A longtime Boy Scout and camp counselor, Rabbi Bock, 33, is the director of the Conservative movement’s Ramah Outdoor Adventures, one of five camps to open last summer with support from the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Specialty Camp Incubator Project.

Robert Eliav Block, director of the Ramah Outdoor Adventures camp.

The Jews Of Texas Christian

Members of the Tribe have a presence at the Rose Bowl-winning campus — and at many other Protestant and Catholic universities.


Los Angeles (JTA) — Texas Cristian University  may have seemed out of place at this season’s Rose Bowl — but not as much as a few of its fans.

The notion of Jewish students at Texas Christian may seem like a mismatch, but don’t tell that to the several dozen Jewish students at TCU who are now basking in the glory of their team’s 21-19 victory over Big Ten power Wisconsin on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, Calif. Who says the Horned Frog, TCU’s mascot, can’t wear a kipa?

Hillel students at TCU mount a Holocaust exhibit every year. jta

A Green Exchange

Israeli, New Jersey teens team up in program to raise environmental awareness and make an Eco Connection.

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Arad, Israel — Tu b’Shvat, the tree-planting holiday, was fast approaching, so it seemed only fitting that the project being run by the environmental education organization Sviva Israel for a group of sixth graders at the Chalamish School in this southern Israeli town would involve seeds and soil.

Seeds of a partnership: New Jerseyites look at soil samples with Israeli sixth graders at the Chalmish School in Arad.

Med School In Israel: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Growing numbers of American students — Jewish and
non — are opting for programs in the Jewish state.

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When Miriam Langer was waitlisted at one of her preferred medical school programs in the United States, she decided that rather than wait or reapply later, she would opt for an alternative — attend a program in Israel.

Maya Garala in the maternity ward at a hospital in B’nei Brak.

The New Hebrew School Will Take A Village

Envisioning a family-centered, synagogue-based
and community enriched model.

Special To The Jewish Week

Imagine if you will a typical week in the Jewish education of a fourth grader named Josh.

Rabbi Joy Levitt’s vision of community-based Jewish education incorporates Scouts-like “badges” and varieties of informal settin
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