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Building Community, And Bridges; Raysh Weiss, 31


Raysh Weiss, who is to be ordained next year at the Jewish Theological Seminary, noticed last spring that Iftar, the evening meal that ends Muslims’ sunup-to-sundown Ramadan fasts, would coincide with the Jewish fast on the 17th of Tammuz. She and a friend, who had a strong relationship with the Malcolm Shabbaz Mosque in Harlem, where Malcolm X had preached, saw an opportunity for collaboration.

Raysh Weiss

Sparking Change, Enabling Others: Sasha Fisher, 26


After she graduated from college, Sasha Fisher booked a one-way ticket to Rwanda. She went with one suitcase, few contacts and no knowledge of the local language.

Sasha Fisher

Fostering Orthodox Feminism: Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, 31


According to Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, attending eight different Jewish day schools before the age of 16 has some unexpected perks.

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

Standing Up For His Dream: Simon Cadel, 15


Simon Cadel is a comedian who happens to be a kid. He’s not a kid comedian. Cadel, who is in ninth grade, has performed at iconic New York comedy clubs like Caroline’s, Comic Strip Live and The Stand.

Simon Cadel

Traveling Teacher: Sion Setton, 29


In July, Rabbi Sion Setton and his wife of two years, Mijal Bitton, plan to fly to Istanbul to offer four Torah classes to the city’s Jewish community. This will be Setton’s fifth visit since 2008 to Istanbul, where he offers the city’s 18,000 Jews classes about their Sephardic heritage.

Sion Setton

Planting Seeds For Sustainable Farming: Sophie Ackoff, 26


Sophie Ackoff is no stranger to environmental causes. In high school, she petitioned to get elephants removed from the Los Angeles Zoo and for the protection of boreal forests.

But it wasn’t until college that she joined a farm.

“It wasn’t really on my radar until I started visiting nearby farms during my free time,” said Ackoff, who studied biology and environmental studies at Wesleyan University.

Sophie Ackoff

Public Face Of Inclusion Advocacy: Tikvah Juni, 32


When Tikvah Juni was 16, she received her first standing ovation.

“I remember all the people, cheering and smiling,” said Juni, who had been the guest speaker at an event hosted by Yachad: The National Jewish Council for Disabilities.

Tikva Juni

Bringing Science Workshops To Pediatric Patients: Yosefa Schoor, 22


When Yosefa Schoor began shadowing a pediatric neurologist in high school, she quickly noticed that when a child is admitted to the hospital, three things tended to occur: “Time freezes. Apprehension rises. Boredom ensues.”

Yosefa Schoor

A Taste For The Hipster Life: Yuda Schlass, 30

This Jerusalem-raised Chabadnik brings new flavors and techniques to kosher food.


When Yuda Schlass started Hassid + Hipster, his kosher pop-up sandwich shop, he never expected he’d be serving up his signature snacks to the kosher crowd Down Under.

Yuda Schlass
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