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All In The Kosher Family

At a Bergen County glatt supermarket, students from a nearby school for the developmentally disabled gain vocational and life skills.

09/12/2016 (All day)

Ready, Willing And ‘Abled’

The newest innovations in grocery chain’s long history of hiring high school students with disabilities.

09/12/2016 (All day)

Thirty-five years ago, Dale Giovengo, the human resources director for Giant Eagle, a chain of grocery and convenience stores in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, approached the company’s CEO, David Shapira, with an idea: to recruit and hire people with disabilities to work in Giant Eagle stores. Shapira was initially reluctant to encourage Giovenga’s idea — he was mostly concerned that customers might react negatively towards employees with visible disabilities. But he trusted his HR director’s instincts and told Giovengo to go for it, deciding it was worth a shot.

Engine Of Opportunity

Illinois Subaru dealer opens the door for an autistic man who simply adores cars.

09/12/2016 (All day)

Having an “obsession” is a common occurrence for people who have autism. Obsessions can provide structure and help people cope with the uncertainties of life. Some people who find social interaction difficult may use their special interests as a way to start conversations.

Making Hiring More ‘Convenient’

The Wawa chain has a longstanding commitment to employing adults with disabilities.

09/12/2016 (All day)

What many loyal customers who stop by the convenience store don’t know is that over 100 years ago, Wawa was a dairy farm delivering milk to households in the suburbs and small towns around Philadelphia. Just over 50 years ago, when many people moved away from home milk delivery and started buying milk in stores, Wawa transformed to become one of the first convenience store chains — where people could stop to pick up milk, bread, candy and other items.

You’ve Got Mail, From Shayna Joseph

Barkan Management Company’s mailroom clerk is emblematic of its hiring philosophy.

09/12/2016 (All day)

Since its founding in 1964, Barkan Management Company has been an industry leader in the residential real estate sector. With over 550 employees and 23,000 units under its management in Boston, throughout New England and also in the Greater Washington, D.C., area, Barkan provides, in addition to property management, other related services including accounting, renovation, brokerage, development and affordable housing compliance.

Inclusion, From Top To Bottom

Sodexo carries its philosophy of hiring people with disabilities throughout the whole company.

09/12/2016 (All day)

Sodexo, a food services and facilities management company, was founded in 1966 in Marseille, France, and today operates in 80 countries and has 420,000 employees worldwide; it is the 19th largest employer in the world. Sodexo serves many different sectors, including elementary schools and universities, assisted-living facilities, military bases, government agencies, private corporations and prisons.

Nothing Pie In The Sky Here

A Cape Cod pie company has all the right ingredients for inclusive hiring.

09/12/2016 (All day)

Before opening the Centerville Pie Company on Cape Cod, co-owner Kristin Broadley worked in a bank and twice lived through the terrifying experience of bank robbery. After the second robbery she knew that she needed to make a professional change, and contemplated what it would be like to do something that she was passionate about. She and her friend Laurie Bowen had a tradition of baking chicken pies for family and friends for the holidays every year.

Serving Veterans

Xerox’s disability outreach program gives returning soldiers (and others) the support they need in the workplace.

09/12/2016 (All day)

Xerox’s disability outreach program gives returning soldiers (and others) the support they need in the workplace.

The Up Side Of UPS’ Hiring Philosophy

Training program at hub in Louisville has provided 150 employees with range of disabilities.

09/12/2016 (All day)

At Worldport, UPS’ main air hub for global transportation in Louisville, KY., more than 10,000 union employees work to label, organize and ship freight that is sent out all over the world. For management, the need to hire and retain hard workers who are loyal to the company and bring a great attitude to the working environment is ongoing, as UPS’ business continues to expand.

‘Embracing Differences, Sparking Innovation’

SAP’s ‘Autism at Work’ program has ambitious goals.

09/12/2016 (All day)

In the next decade, more than 500,000 children in the United States who are diagnosed with autism will become adults. To date, there is no national plan for the housing, vocational and/or therapeutic supports that they will likely need.

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