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President Endorses Gay Synagogues


President Baruch O. Bauma, head of The White House Synagogue (commonly known as The White Shul) in downtown Washington, D.C., announced today that he was in favor of gays and lesbians in his congregation being granted the same rights currently enjoyed by all other members.

Brooklyn Named Holiest Jewish City


BROOKLYN—For the first time in recent history, the borough of Brooklyn, New York, has surpassed Jerusalem, Israel, as “The Holiest Jewish City on Earth,” according to the World Jewish Federation.

New Subsidy For Breast Cancer Testing

Einstein-affiliated Jewish genetic health program joins with Montefiore on BRCA1/2 screening.

Managing Editor

Beginning this week, the Program for Jewish Genetic Health, a nonprofit affiliated with Yeshiva University and the school’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is teaming up with Montefiore Health System to offer subsidized genetic testing for Ashkenazi women and men who might be carriers of the BRCA1/2 genes for breast cancer. The cost for the test is $100. To discuss the test and broader questions about breast cancer, The Jewish Week spoke with Dr. Susan Klugman, medical director for the Program for Jewish Genetic Health, director of the division of reproductive genetics at Montefiore, and professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology and women’s health at Einstein. The interview was conducted via email.

Dr. Susan Klugman

Caring For A Loved One, The Play

A breast cancer diagnosis, and its effect on a couple, are at the center of Samuel Simon’s ‘The Actual Dance.’

Special To The Jewish Week

Caring for a loved one who is terminally ill is one of the most agonizing things that a person can do. For Samuel Simon, a lawyer turned playwright who is now performing his one-man play, “The Actual Dance,” his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis launched both members of the couple on a harrowing journey into the workings of the human heart.

Samuel Simon says the play, his first, is about “finding integrity in the most difficult task of life.” Xanthe Elbrick

Combating Ebola’s Fear Factor

For Jews fighting the disease, specialty is psychosocial therapy.


Even amid the unceasing horrors of Sierra Leone’s Ebola epidemic, it was a case that stood out.

IsraAid psychosocial trauma specialists Hela Yaniv, left, and Sheri Oz leading a counseling and training session.

At The Intersection Of Health And Economics

Heart wellness programs for charedi and Arab women focus on eating habits and exercise.

Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — It was a bitter cold Jerusalem evening but that didn’t stop about 50 female teachers and staffers at the ultra-Orthodox Beis Yaakov School in Geula from attending an evening lecture on “Healthy Home Baking.”

The Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness Institute for Women at Hadassah Hospital. Courtesy of Hadassah and Bishvilech

Healthcare January 2015

At The Intersection Of Health And Economics. Caring For A Loved One, The Play. New Subsidy For Breast Cancer Testing

Healthcare January 2015

Jewish Journeys, Travel Directory


Adult Jewish Learning Programs LLC 

My Girona

The Catalonian city and the reclamation of its Jewish past.

Special To The Jewish Week

In the charming port town of Castello d’Empúries, municipal guide Paul Andreu tells Jewish visitors about the “call,” the town’s Jewish district — “Sepharad is your home.”

The Romanesque bridge of Besalu.

A Dream Trail Unchosen

Aulus and the need to remember.

Special To The Jewish Week

‘Are you a big-city girl?” our burly host, Jean-Michel, inquired over breakfast in a centuries-old bishop’s palace he had bought from a friend and converted into a bed-and-breakfast in St. Lizier, one of the oldest, loveliest villages of the Ariège, in southern France. My husband and I were following a dream trail from Barcelona, through Catalunya, the country of medieval Jewish mystics, across the Pyrenees and to the land of the Cathars.

A sign pointing the way to one of the area’s thermal springs.  David Koral
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