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President Endorses Gay Synagogues

02/20/2013 - 19:00

President Baruch O. Bauma, head of The White House Synagogue (commonly known as The White Shul) in downtown Washington, D.C., announced today that he was in favor of gays and lesbians in his congregation being granted the same rights currently enjoyed by all other members.

Brooklyn Named Holiest Jewish City

02/20/2013 - 19:00

BROOKLYN—For the first time in recent history, the borough of Brooklyn, New York, has surpassed Jerusalem, Israel, as “The Holiest Jewish City on Earth,” according to the World Jewish Federation.

Still Canvassing After All These Years

Jewish seniors stump for their 2016 candidates.

07/13/2016 (All day)

When Norma Shulman recently spoke before a gathering of Massachusetts Democrats, she held up the Adlai Stevenson campaign button her mother wore back in 1956.

Seventy-year-old Norma Shulman is pictured in New Hampshire with her presidential candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton.

An Activist For Vulnerable Youth, Bar None

Tracey Shipley’s crusade to combat Jerusalem’s downtown drug and alcohol scene.

Contributing Editor
07/13/2016 (All day)

Jerusalem — At a time when many baby boomers start thinking about winding down for retirement, Tracey Shipley, a 56-year-old Jerusalem-based addictions counselor and creative arts therapist, is ramping up her efforts to help vulnerable youth in Jerusalem by creating Sobar, the city’s first alcohol-free/drug-free/smoke-free music venue for 15- to 24-year-olds.

Utilizing her expertise as an addictions counselor, and her experience as a mother of three young adults, Tracey Shipley.

A Grown-up Taste Of Jewish Summer Camp

Kid tested, and now adult tested as older cohort seeks a getaway.

07/13/2016 (All day)

Scott Michaud is a hard-working lawyer 51 weeks out of the year. But for that final week, the 58-year-old is more at home on the trail than in a courtroom.

Grown-up campers ride a paddleboat at Central Florida’s Camp Shalom.  Camp Shalom

Resort? Retirement Home? Or Both?

From Martha’s Vineyard to Hilton Head to the Hamptons, year-round senior populations are on the rise.

Travel Writer
07/12/2016 (All day)

During the years when Bonnie and Bob George were raising four children, working full-time in New York City and organizing activities at their Westchester synagogue, they often dreamed about a simpler life on Martha’s Vineyard.

A gathering of Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Centre members who became friends on a shul-sponsored Israel trip. Bonnie George

‘I Still Had More To Give’

Finding new meaning and a sense of reinvention in ‘encore’ careers.

Culture Editor
07/12/2016 (All day)

Here are stories that inspire: A businesswoman turned funeral director, a teacher who mentors other teachers, a rabbi who left congregational life and now focuses on social justice work, and a financial executive who visits hospital patients with his standard poodle named Piper, trained as a therapy dog.

Leslie Nelson and his standard poodle therapy dog Piper. Photos by Nora Wesson/JW

The Good Life (July 2016)

‘I Still Had More To Give’
A Resort? Retirement Home? Or Both?
A Grown-up Taste Of Jewish Summer Camp

07/12/2016 (All day)



The Jewish Week Luxury Living Directory

06/24/2016 (All day)

Assisted Living

Stein Assisted Living

Stein Assisted Living
Jewish Assisted Living, Memory Care, Hospice Care, and low income independent living.

Contact: Toby Ehrlich
Phone: 732-568-1155
Email: Info@wilfcampus.org

Summer Shorts

A roundup of new titles, from baseball to Central Park to the Garment Center.

Culture Editor
06/21/2016 (All day)

Baseball fans will enjoy “The Season of Pepsi Meyers,” a novel by Abie Rotenberg (Audley Street Books), about an 18-year-old Jewish baseball player who helps to revitalize the Yankees in the year 2040. The book is both a story of the game and a spiritual coming-of-age.

The season of Pepsi Meyers cover.
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