“Thank You” In New Delhi

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Over the decades, the Dalai Lama, exiled leader of Tibet’s Buddhist community, has maintained an ongoing dialogue with the international Jewish community — in New York City, in Washington, in Jerusalem and in India, where he has lived for the last half-century. Last week the Dalai Lama’s Jewish outreach continued.

‘Rav’s’ Haggadah Is Hot Order

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Each year one of the unofficial Passover traditions is the Haggadah-sales competition. New and old Haggadot, many of them issued by established publishers, vie for shoppers’ favor. This year a new Haggadah under a new imprint appears to be winning.

For Liberal Jews, Sunup On A Rare Ritual

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At sunrise on April 8, the eve of Passover, a group of Jews from the Upper West Side will gather on the roof of the JCC in Manhattan. Organized by Hazon, the New York-based group that works for a “more sustainable Jewish community,” the early-morning risers will say some prayers, do some yoga and burn some chametz.

You Don’t Look Like A Marine...

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A few hours after a U.S. Army base in Iraq came under Iranian-backed Shi’ite rocket attacks the other day, Dave Rosner and a few friends showed up. Rosner, a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves, wasn’t there to fight. He went to tell jokes. Rosner, a wiry, wisecracking native of New Mexico who now lives on the Upper East Side, was part of a stand-up show that entertains troops in war zones. This one was especially tense after the rocket attack, one in which an injured soldier had to be airlifted away for medical care.

New Evidence Of A Jewish Decline

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Nearly two decades ago Barry Kosmin looked at the figures of a declining Jewish population in the United States and predicted that the numbers would continue to decline. His latest demographic study, released this week, proved him right. The percentage of Americans who identify their religion as Jewish fell to 1.2 percent, compared to nearly two percent in a comparable 1990 study, according to the American Religious Identification Study conducted by the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn.

A Sweet Purim in Israel

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No, the kids outfitted in crowns and capes aren’t real monarchs — just a pair of young members of the Vizhnitz chasidic community listening to the Megillah reading on Purim this week in Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv. Throughout the country — and Jewish communities in the diaspora — Jews of all ages and all religious affiliations attended Megillah readings, dressed up in costumes, attended parties, drank copious amounts of distilled brew and took part in festive parades.

Learning The Gantze Megillah

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‘Musically inclined,” Dr. Paul Brody learned to chant the Scroll of Esther, or at least part of the Megillah, while studying at Yeshiva University several decades ago. He picked up the basics at the school’s Cantorial Training Institute. Then his grandfather, Rabbi Jacob Brown, convinced him to learn how to layn the gantze Megillah, the entire scroll.

Unleavened Levity

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There was something new and something old at the Manischewitz plant in Newark last week. New: a production run of 500 cases of kosher-for-Passover shmura matzah. Following the move in 2007 from the kosher food manufacturer’s plant in Jersey City, its home for 76 years, to the state-of-the-art factory in Newark, the new plant produced its Passover goods as usual. But it was not prepared to make shmura (Hebrew for guarded) matzah, which requires that the wheat be supervised from the time of harvesting.

Bill Thompson Q&A: ‘We Will Not Take Steps Backward." Slams Bloomberg, Says He Can Get More Anti-Terror Money

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Democratic candidate says ‘different mayor’ can get more federal anti-terror money; insists a new top cop won’t mean crime rise.

Democratic candidate for mayor William C. Thompson visited The Jewish Week on Oct. 22. Thompson, 56, has been New York City comptroller since 2001, and previously served as president of the city Board of Education, as deputy borough president of Brooklyn and as vice president of the investment firm of George K. Baum.

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