ADL: Apathy Reigns In Europe

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In its first survey of European attitudes about Jews, the Anti-Defamation League has found that 30 percent of respondents harbor "traditional anti-Semitic stereotypes," while nearly half believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their native lands. But more disturbing than the statistics is evidence that officials in major European countries are doing next to nothing to stop the synagogue desecrations, assaults and other expressions of hate that have swept across the continent in the past two years, says ADL national director Abraham Foxman.

Minority Report

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If the black-Latino coalition forged in last year's mayoral race holds together this year, it could spell trouble for state Sen. Eric Schneiderman. The two-term Democrat is facing former Councilman Guillermo Linares, the first Dominican-American elected to public office here, in September's primary for a district that includes areas of northern Manhattan and the Bronx. With African-American gubernatorial hopeful Carl McCall on the ticket and Latinos running in several local races, minority turnout could bode well for Linares.

Zamir: They’re Playing Our Song

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Like most 60-year-olds, Israel is showing her age and weariness, but like most 60-year-olds there are still some people who remember when she was young, stunning and something to sing about.
Back in the 1950s, in the Massad Hebrew-speaking summer camps in the Pocono Mountains, teenagers got together to sing Israeli music with the same urgency that doo-wop magnetized teens on inner-city street corners.

Time To Talk To Hamas

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I understand the right. I don’t flinch when Palestinians, even civilians, catch an IDF bullet. When Arabs say massacre, I hear fraud. Talking politics, you lose me at “What would the world say?” I don’t believe survivors of slavery would spill seder wine with their pinkies because Egypt got hit by frogs.

A Gaza ‘Shoah’ With Tea And Jam

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‘We are doing everything in order to target the terrorists so that the Kassam rockets will stop,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Haaretz.
Oh, that was back in January. Since doing “everything,” several hundred rockets have fallen, bringing death and amputations to the people of Southern Israel.

The Bad And The Beautiful

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In the novel, “The Ugly American,” one character, a Burmese journalist, notes that “A mysterious change seems to come over Americans when they go to a foreign land. They isolate themselves... They’re loud and ostentatious. Perhaps they’re frightened and defensive, or maybe they’re not properly trained and make mistakes out of ignorance.”
In recent months, journalists have taken notice of the “ugly Israeli” travelers in Asia.

Pearl’s Father In The Season Of Mourning

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Some say that a day-old newspaper is just good for wrapping fish, but the stories in old newspapers live on for years, if only in someone’s kitchen, even if reporters and readers have long moved on.
A few weeks ago, a small item in northeast Pennsylvania’s Times-Leader noted the passing of an 89-year-old woman whose daughter died “in a well-publicized automobile accident.”
Gwen Kopechne was remembered as “a caring woman who loved talking, drinking coffee and making pancakes for breakfast.”

E-Mails About An Obama Named ‘Sue’

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Perhaps for the first time since the dust storms of the 1930s became a bigger story than “the gathering storm” overseas, the weather is becoming a bigger story than, well, the gathering storm overseas.

The Lost Art Of Davening

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Formal prayer, that musical and lyrical intersection between this world and the other, is as much science as art, as least for the cantor. There are rules, equations, let alone laws, but “most people don’t know how to daven anymore,” says Sherwood Goffin, “or they don’t know how to daven properly.”
That’s true even among the Orthodox, perhaps particularly among the Orthodox, whose synagogues are increasingly disinclined to hire professionally trained cantors — chazanim, or baalei tefillah, “masters of prayer.”

Seeing War Though Palestinian Eyes

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When you learn to see the world through Palestinian eyes, you’ll know that Israel’s Gaza actions were stunningly effective and that “the world” couldn’t care less.

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