Leffler: Brutality A Jewish Issue

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The ongoing debate over police brutality, which has gripped the city like few issues in recent memory, should be a matter of serious concern to the Jewish community, says a key Jewish councilman. "We want a city that runs well, that people feel is operating in the interests of everybody," says Sheldon Leffler (D-Northern Queens). "Otherwise we have the potential for unrest, for explosion, for striking out."

Major Dilemma In Crown Heights

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A congressional race that is nearly two years away already is making waves in the Crown Heights Jewish community, as two of its political allies head for a 2000 showdown. Rep. Major Owens, who has represented District 11 in central Brooklyn for 16 years, is likely to face a Democratic primary challenge next year from his former protege, Councilwoman Una Clarke. Both have been strong supporters of Jewish causes, leaving activists wondering whom to support, or in a third option, whether to run a Jewish candidate.

Anti-Semitism Up Slightly

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Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States rose slightly in 1998, with a 2 percent increase from the previous year, according to the latest audit compiled by the Anti-Defamation League. The annual report attributes the rise to an increase in vandalism against Jewish institutions and property, which drove the total number of incidents to 1,611 in 42 states and the district of Columbia. In 1997, there were 1,571 incidents recorded. New York continues to lead the nation in anti-Semitic incidents, despite a 15 percent decrease to 324 incidents from 380 in 1997.

Judge Lashes Out At Orthodox Community In Sex-Abuse Case; Says It Protects Abusers, Not Victims

With his stinging critique, Judge Guston Reichbach placed himself at the center of a fierce debate in the Orthodox community over how best to police th

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At the sentencing Tuesday of a bar mitzvah tutor and social worker convicted of sexually molesting two boys in Brooklyn, a New York State Supreme Court Judge lashed out at the offender’s Orthodox community for “a communal attitude that seems to impose greater opprobrium on the victims than the perpetrator.”

New Confusion On Iran As War Option Resurfaces

  Was Vice President Biden’s comment on Israel’s right to attack Iran a gaffe or a reflection of administration thinking?

Washington Correspondent

A comment by Vice President Joe Biden that may have been a signal or a slipup, growing internal divisions in Tehran and a revived debate about an Israeli military strike stirred political and diplomatic speculation around the world and added new confusion for Jewish groups as the Iran nuclear clock continues to tick.

Mild Flak For Obama On Issue Of Settlements

President Obama didn’t back down on the issue of publicly criticizing Israeli policy

Washington Correspondent

While even dovish pro-Israel groups concede the Obama administration has done a poor job of selling its Middle East policies to a nervous Israel, there are growing indications major Jewish leaders are reluctant to directly challenge a popular and persuasive president on the substance of those policies.

Bibi’s Gambit On Jerusalem Seen Aimed At U.S. Jews

Netanyahu: Israeli “sovereignty” over Jerusalem “cannot be challenged.”

Washington Correspondent

This week’s U.S.-Israel diplomatic dustup over building additional Jewish housing in east Jerusalem may have as much to do with domestic politics in the Jewish state — and a desire to mobilize American Jews to oppose additional U.S. pressure — as with any shift in Obama administration policy.

Jewish Groups Wrestle Health Care Reform Octopus

As Democratic health care reform efforts falter in Congress in the face of ferocious industry lobbying and a media blitz by conservative opponents, Jewish organizations that advocate strong reform efforts are having a hard time knowing exactly what to

Washington Correspondent

As Democratic health care reform efforts falter in Congress in the face of ferocious industry lobbying and a media blitz by conservative opponents, Jewish organizations that advocate strong reform efforts are having a hard time knowing exactly what to lobby for.

“It’s like an octopus — there are so many different pieces of it, and there is so much movement,” said Nancy Ratzan, president of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), a group that has made health reform a priority. “The pieces keep moving and changing. It’s a difficult environment.”

U.S. Policy Seen Pivoting To Engage Israelis

George Mitchell: Hinted at new approach in Times interview

Washington Correspondent

An administration bruised by its rough reception from Israeli leaders and frustrated that its overtures to Arab and Muslim countries have produced disappointing results may be significantly scaling back its Middle East peace plans.

U.S. Searching For ‘Plan B’ On Iran

Washiington Correspondent

The Obama administration, frustrated by Iran’s non-response to its diplomatic overtures, is considering policy shifts to ratchet up U.S. pressure on the Tehran regime — while still leaving the door open a crack for negotiations.

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