Levy Lashes Out At Arab ‘Coercion’

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Enough is enough. That was the message delivered here by Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy in response to a barrage of anti-Israel rhetoric from members of the Arab League in the weeks since last month’s signing of the revised Wye River agreement. “There is no peace through coercion,” Levy told a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations during his first trip to the city as foreign minister for the purpose of addressing the United Nations General Assembly.

Disney Boycott Seen As Economic ‘Warfare’

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The announced boycott of Walt Disney Co. Tuesday by Arab-American and Muslim-American groups to protest the firm’s depiction of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital is being seen as the latest in a series of efforts by anti-Israel groups to use economic leverage to muscle American companies into submission. Jewish groups are so concerned by this emerging “blackmail” that three of them — the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress — this week set up a task force to confront it.

Syria Readies For Talks, But Assad Won’t Budge

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Syria reportedly began shuffling its ambassadors and assembling a negotiating team for peace talks with Israel even as Israeli and Palestinian officials met for the first time Monday to develop a framework for a peace treaty a year from now. “We have the impression … that Syria considers more than ever before that peace serves its strategic assets,” Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy told Israel army radio. “In the last month there have been more signs that Syria wants to return to the negotiating table.”

Knesset Grapples With Stunning Torture Ruling

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Even as Israeli lawmakers moved to soften this week’s landmark High Court of Justice ruling banning physical force in the interrogation of suspects, an attorney who brought the case vowed to return to court to challenge any modifications. “What they are talking of is a law to bypass the ruling of the High Court,” said Allegra Pacheco, who represented the Public Committee Against Torture, one of three organizations and seven Palestinians that brought the case. “I don’t think that would work.

Pumped Up Over Pollard

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A major campaign to win the release of Jonathan Pollard after 12 years in prison will be launched for the first time by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The decision to mount the campaign and to write to President Bill Clinton asking for Pollard’s immediate release came after a meeting Monday at which strong support was expressed for the former Navy intelligence analyst convicted of spying for Israel in 1986. He was sentenced to life in prison and Clinton has twice rejected requests for commutation of his sentence.

Orthodox To Press Case On Conversion Bill

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A group of Orthodox Jews will be leaving Saturday night for Israel to meet with the country’s senior political leaders in a bid to convince them to keep the status quo on conversions. The trip was organized within the last three weeks by the newly formed Orthodox organization Am Echad. Between 60 and 70 lay leaders from across the country are expected to participate, according to one of Am Echad’s leaders, Abraham Biderman.

Exclusive: Kosher Ahoy!

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Should you eat it as a sandwich, or break it apart and eat the cookie part separately from the cream? Kosher-observant Jews will now be faced with that classic American dilemma with the historic koshering of the Oreo, billed by maker Nabisco as America’s favorite cookie. It’s all part of a move by the Nabisco Biscuit Co. to make kosher dozens of its cookie and snack products, The Jewish Week has learned.

Lieberman Curbs God-Talk In N.J.

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Union Township, N.J. — It’s been seven weeks since Sen. Joseph Lieberman was nominated by Al Gore to be his running mate and, judging by the reception he received Tuesday in New Jersey, the enthusiasm over his selection has not worn off.

Lieberman Won’t Change Political Style, Dems Say

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Los Angeles — As Sen. Joseph Lieberman sets out on the campaign trail, New York delegates to the Democratic National Convention and party leaders expressed confidence that he would not be used as an attack dog against the Republican opposition — a role traditionally given to the vice presidential nominee.

Gore’s Chosen One

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The selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as Al Gore’s vice presidential running mate — the first Jew on the national ticket of a major political party — has brought a sense of renewed pride to many American Jews, though some are concerned about a backlash of anti-Semitism.
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